How to Request eSignatures

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Attorney Guide

Sending Retainer Agreements via the Attorney Dashboard 

The E-Signature feature is enabled by default for all attorneys in the system although this is configurable via Attorney Test Feature as indicated below. 

The E-Signature menu can be found in Attorney Settings. 

How it works 

  1. Go to Account Settings and click E-Signature. Click the Link Zoho sign Service. Page will be navigated to…
  2. For attorneys with existing ZohoSign account, input the username and password to login.
  3. Click Accept and attorney is navigated back to the dashboard with a banner Zoho Sign Service Linked.
  4. For attorneys without existing Zoho accounts, click Sign Up Now, which will redirect to the registration page.
  5. At this point, once the Zoho Sign account is linked to the attorney, the callback is automatically generated in Zoho API Settings. Note: You may need to verify that this is created, otherwise the EP Document Status will not work as intended.
  6. Once setup, the attorney can now send an Engagement Proposal via the Follow Up button in the Responded, Consultation Completed and Engaged Tab accordingly.
  7. Take a case and Send an Engagement Proposal. If templates are not set up, it should prompt the following.
  8. If templates are set up, it should display the templates in the dropdown. Note: Check video recording how to setup templates in Zoho.
  9. Attorney chooses a template from the dropdown and click Send Engagement Proposal. 
  10. From the top of the attorney dashboard, a banner should display Engagement Proposal Document Sent.
  11. From the case details, the attorney should be able to see the EP Document Status as Sent.
  12. An email is then sent by Zoho to the client indicating the attorney request to sign the Engagement Proposal document.
  13. Once the client clicks Start Signing, a new tab is open redirecting to the document in Zoho Sign dashboard.
  14. At this point, the EP Document status should be updated from Sent to Viewed.
  15. Also, it is possible to append automatically the following information: client_firstname, client_lastname, retainer_fee, retainer_other_info. These can be set up in the templates.
  16. Once the client signs the document and click Finish, the EP process is completed.
  17. In the case details from the attorney dashboard, the EP Document status is updated from Viewed to Completed.
  18. The client has then the option to download or email the signed document in Zoho.