What Are Hate Crimes?

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What Are Hate Crimes?

Hate crimes are crimes that are directed towards a person or group based on their identification with certain lifestyles, beliefs, or practices. They can also be crimes based on a person’s appearance or physical characteristics. Many hate crimes involve issues such as:

States have different laws regarding hate crimes. Most state laws involve some definition of what a “protected group” is in terms of hate crimes. Each state may define hate crimes differently, and they may also define protected groups in a different manner as well.

What Are Some Examples of Hate Crimes?

Some examples of hate crimes include:

In some states, normal criminal charges can result in enhanced penalties if the crime was committed as a hate crime. For instance, if a person robbed a house, they might receive a year in jail depending on the circumstances. However, it is discovered that the crime was motivated by racism or other factors, the person might receive a longer sentence.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Hate Crime Issues?

Hate crimes are serious and often punished with very strict criminal consequences. You may wish to hire a lawyer if you need help with a hate crime case or if you need to report a hate crime in your area. Your lawyer can explain how the laws in your area might affect your claim. Also, your lawyer can represent you if you needed to file a case involving a hate crime.

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