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What is a Road Traffic Injury?

A road traffic injury is any injury that occurs while driving in a vehicle on a highway or side street. Road traffic injuries can sometimes be quite serious, especially for those involving high speeds, multiple cars, or drunk driving (DUI).

Common causes of car accidents and road traffic injuries include: bad weather, violations of driving rules, intoxication, falling asleep at the wheel, speeding, and recklessness. Road traffic injuries can also involve pedestrians, bicyclists, and other persons sharing the road.

What are Common Examples of Road Traffic Injuries?

Road traffic injuries can involve many different types of scenarios and situations. Some common examples of road traffic injuries include:

Are there any Legal Remedies for Road Traffic Injury claims?

A road traffic injury can often lead to a lawsuit. The usually remedy in such a case is a monetary damages award paid by the defendant to the victim. This may help the victim recover for various expenses and costs caused by the injury, including hospital and medical bills, therapy expenses, and property damage to the car. In some cases, other related costs may be covered, such as lost wages caused by the injury.

In some cases, criminal charges can also result. This can happen if certain violations have occurred, such as drunk driving or injuries that were caused intentionally.

Do I need a Lawyer for help with Road Traffic Injury lawsuits?

Being involved in a road traffic injury can sometimes also involve various legal issues and conflicts. You may wish to hire a lawyer for help with road traffic injuries or other related claims. Your attorney will be able to advise you on the injury laws in your state, and can represent you in court during trial. Also, a qualified lawyer can help when it comes to the various legal forms and documents involved with such a claim.

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