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What Are Car Lawyers?

Car and auto lawyers specialize in issues involving owning and operating motor vehicles. These issues may be from buying a car, an accident, or a traffic violation.

How Can a Lawyer Help with a Car Purchase?

Auto sellers often make exaggerated claims and promises to get consumers to buy. Although some of these claims can be legal, they can also be illegal if they are lies or "misrepresentations." Legal issues may also arise when a seller makes "unconscionable" deals, when the seller refuses to offer standard warranties, or when serious contract disputes arise.

How Can a Car Lawyer Help with a Sale of a Defective Vehicle?

When a car manufacturer makes a car, they are required to ensure that the cars do not have defects that put the public in danger. The new cars must have working airbags, brakes, etc. Lemon laws protect consumers who are dissatisfied with extensive warranty repairs, and them a new car or money for their troubles.

Car lawyers can sue manufacturers for product liability based on warranty, carelessness, and obvious defect. Also, an attorney can advise clients about licensing and registration procedures, repossession, lien activity, junked titles, salvage history, odometer rollbacks, and so on.

How Can an Attorney Help If I Have Been in a Car Accident?

A wide range of legal issues may ensue from a car accident, including involving:

An experienced attorney can help you effectively handle any of these or related issues that arise from a car accident.

When Should I Seek Legal Help?

If you legal issues arise in the context of purchasing, selling, or driving a motor vehicle, you should consult with an attorney who has experience handling a similar issue. An attorney will help you understand your rights and will ensure that your best interests are represented.

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