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What Is Minimum Wage?

Minimum wage is the absolute lowest rate of pay by law, usually by the hour, that an employer must pay a worker for their job. The federal government has established, by law, a federal minimum wage rate. Each state has its own minimum wage rate laws as well.

The state minimum wage cannot fall below the federal minimum wage threshold. However, state minimum wages may exceed it.

What Is the Minimum Wage Rate?

The federal minimum wage rate was established by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and as of July 24, 2009 it had been set to its current level of $7.25 per hour.

State Minimum Wage Rages

Each state is free to make laws that set its own minimum wage rate, as long as it is not below the federal minimum wage for FLSA covered work. Some states have chosen to have a much higher rate, while others have chosen to peg their state minimum wage rate to the federal minimum wage rate. A few examples are:

Are There Any Exceptions to Minimum Wage Rates?

The federal minimum wage rate law, and many state minimum wage rate laws, have multiple exceptions. A few examples are:

What Are the Consequences of Not Paying Minimum Wage?

If an employer fails to pay minimum wage to an employee when they are obligated by law to do so, they can face punishment which can include:

The Department of Labor enforces compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and its Wage and Hour Division will launch investigation into non-complying employer’s practices.

Do I Need an Attorney for My Minimum Wage Rate Issue?

If you believe you have been working for an employer and not being paid minimum wage, or you are facing liability for not paying an employee minimum wage, it is highly recommended for you to contact a labor or employment attorney. Only they will be able to properly explain the issues and help defend your rights.

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