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When traveling abroad people must exchange their currency from that of their host country to that of the traveling country.  The internet provides many fraudulent sites that offer to exchange money at discounted service prices.  However, many of these sites are fraudulent creations that have affected many people. 

Why are Foreign Money Exchange Frauds Successful?

These frauds are successful because many potential travelers have become enamored with the prospect of never leaving their home to exchange currency. 

What Steps Can I Undertake as a Victim?

People should be aware that these internet money exchange websites are a fraud.  Therefore, it's a criminal offense to knowingly participate or create an internet money exchange fraud.  There are steps victims can undertake that include: 

What Should I Do if I'm Unsure an Internet Money Exchange Fraud is Being Employed?

Individuals should remember that internet exchange fraud can be very deceptive.  It is important to ask questions and read about the exchange.  People should think about whether the company is reliable and safe.  There are countless situations where asking yourself good questions and thinking about what a person is offering you can prevent yourself from being defrauded. 

Should I Consult an Attorney?

Internet money exchange websites are a fraud and an attorney can help to advise you on a course of action.  A civil suit against these operators would require a strong attorney experienced in fraud cases.  In addition, an attorney can help you to recover money from fraud scheme operators that can be found. 

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