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Do You Need an Education Lawyer?

If a public school has violated your rights or those of your child, it may be time to hire an education lawyer with administrative law experience. the following article will give you more insight as to whether or not you should retain an experienced education attorney.

What Do Education and Schools Have to Do with Administrative Law?

All public schools are funded and overseen by the Department of Education, a government agency. Administrative law regulates government agencies. So when a public school has violated your rights or the rights of your child, it is generally an administrative law matter.

Suing the Public School System

Sometimes, a school may violate a right you or your child is guaranteed by law. When this happens, you should file a complaint with your school district. Each school district has a different way of processing complaints.

If you are still dissatisfied with your school after your complaint has been fully processed, you can sue your school and school district.

What Kind of Violations Can I Sue My School for?

There are three common types of lawsuits that arise from a school violating your rights or the rights of your child: 

Do I Need an Attorney Experienced in Education and Schools?

The law regarding education and schools can often be complex and frustrating. An education attorney can help you understand your school district's law, and properly evaluate your legal options. If you need to sue your school or proceed through some type of administrative hearing, an attorney would have experience dealing with school districts and help you get the results you desire.

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