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What Are “Do Not Call” Lists?

The national “Do Not Call” list allows people to register in order to stop receiving calls from telemarketers.  Once registered, an individual must allow three months for telemarketers to stop calling, at which point the “Do Not Call” regulations are put into effect and telemarketers may no longer call that individual to solicit money or services.  Many states also have their own versions of the lists, which are still valid even if you are on a national list. The advantage of the national “Do Not Call” list is that it is enforced in every state.

Does the National List Restrict All Telemarketers from Calling?

No.  Political organizations, charities, and telephone surveyors may still call a number that is on the national “Do Not Call” list.  In addition, any company with which you have an existing relationship can still call.  The only way a telemarketer will be able to call your number is if you request, in writing, that the company do so.

Is There Any Other Means of Restricting Telemarketers from Calling?

Yes.  You may ask a telemarketer to put you on their own “do not call” list and they are obliged to honor your request.  This applies even to political organizations and charities. 

What Should I Do if a Telemarketer Keeps Calling Even Though They Are Restricted from Doing So?

Seek an attorney for advice.  Your attorney can help you file a complaint with the proper authorities as well as determine whether you are entitled to any damages if the calls cause substantial harm.

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