What Are Contract Awards?

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What Are Contract Awards?

Contract awards refer to situations in which a company or the government seeks a party to hire to fulfill a certain project. Each of the competing parties submits a bid to the hiring organization. If they are selected for the project, they may be "awarded" a contract to complete the work. A common example of this is where the government needs to find a contractor to build a building or to repair certain structures. Only one business or contractor will be awarded the contract.

The term "contract award" can sometimes also refer to a damages award that is issued in relation to a breach of contract claim. Contract awards are often associated with large government projects, though they can also be involved with smaller, private business endeavors as well.

What Are Some Common Disputes over Contract Awards?

Contract awards are typically straight-forward agreements in which the most competitive bidder is chosen to complete the work. However, this can often lead to some legal conflicts, such as:

Like any contract situation, contract awards can sometimes involve third parties. This can further complicate matters if multiple parties are involved. In some cases,

What If I Need to File a Lawsuit over a Contract Award?

Remedies for a contract award lawsuit will often depend on the type of legal issue, as well as the type of contract involved. Also, the process for handling such lawsuits may differ in each case. For instance, for federal government contracts, you may need to file a complaint with a government agency, depending on the type of claim or violation involved. For private contract awards, it may not be necessary to work with a government agency.

Legal remedies may include a damages award for losses, or an equitable remedy such as specific performance of contract duties.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Assistance with Contract Awards?

Contract awards are a major aspect of many business endeavors. You may wish to hire a lawyer if you have any questions or if you need guidance regarding contract awards. Your attorney can advise you on your issue and can also help you file a lawsuit if needed.

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