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What Can Happen To Me On A Cruise Ship?

Passengers embarking on cruises are often not adequately prepared for the health problems and injury accidents that may arise. Injuries which may occur during a cruise include, but are not limited to:

Can I Sue The Cruise Line For My Injuries?

Because you entered into a contract with the cruise line, you may be bound to certain conditions which are listed on your ticket or supporting documentation.  Some of the issues that may have been addressed in the contract which will determine if you are able to sue include:

When Can I Sue The Cruise Line?

If you are injured on a cruise line you have a limited amount of time in which you are permitted to sue the company. Each state has laws, called Statutes of Limitation, which determine how long you have to make a claim. If you are unsure of whether you are still within the time frame allotted by your state, a local lawyer can provide you information on this and many other topics.

Where Can I Sue The Cruise Line?

Federal regulations, such as Federal General Maritime Law, generally apply to cruise line lawsuits.  However, many cruise lines mandate that you follow certain rules when purchasing a ticket.  For example, a cruise company may specify that all disputes be settled in a stated geographical location (such as Florida), despite where you live or where you bought your ticket. This discrepancy often deters injured passengers from filing claims against the cruise line.

Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Reviewing your cruise ticket and meeting with a lawyer as soon as possible (so that time pressure becomes less of a concern) can help you to determine whether you have a valid claim.  A personal injury lawyer can also discuss with you your options for recovery and the most appropriate course of action.

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