Under Wisconsin law, a person would qualify for a service or companion animal if they have a vision, hearing, or mobility impairment.

How Do I Prove That My Pet is a Service Animal?

The pet, most likely a dog, would have to have certification papers from a school approved by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development for training assistance animals. 

What If My Landlord Has a No-Pets Policy?

Under both Wisconsin and federal law the landlord does have to allow you to keep your service animal, but there are a few requirements:

  • the person with the disability must be able to show the landlord the dog’s credentials upon request. 
  • The tenant would also be responsible to ensure that the animal’s sanitation needs were met
  • the tenant is liable for any damage to the premises by the animal.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you are disabled and being denied your right to live with a companion animal in Wisconsin, you should consult a lawyer to help advise and assist you. A good landlord-tenant lawyer will be able to help you navigate through this complicated legal matter and assert your rights against the landlord’s discrimination.