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When working with the Social Security Administration, you are permitted to have a person, such as an attorney, represent you.

Who Can Represent Me?

Generally, anyone can represent you as long as they have not been suspended or disqualified from representing others before the Social Security Administration. You are allowed to have more than one representative, but you may not name a firm, corporation or organization as your representative.

How Do I Appoint a Representative?

If you choose a representative, you must inform the Social Security Administration in writing using a form. If you choose a:

What Can a Representative Do?

A representative can act on your behalf in just about any Social Security matter. For example:

Do I Need a Lawyer?

The decision to have someone, such as an attorney, represent you is entirely up to you. However, an attorney experienced in working with the Social Security Administration can determine which benefits and regulations apply to you. A lawyer can also help organize your claim and accompany you to a hearing or appeal.

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