Registering an LLC in California: Tax Obligations

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Registering an LLC in California: Tax Obligations

There are a number of important steps required to successfully register and maintain a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in California. Hiring an experienced attorney will help ensure each of these steps is completed properly.

One important step is to ensure your LLC is current on all of its tax obligations.

State Tax Obligations or Registering an LLC in California

Once you have obtained your Secretary of State LLC ID number, you can register to file your state taxes online at the State of California Franchise Tax Board.

There, the site will help walk you through the process of filling out your required tax forms and making payments. Be prepared to provide financial information regarding your LLC’s:

Required Forms

Tax Amounts

All California LLCs must pay a minimum $800 annual franchise tax.

In addition, LLC’s may be subject to additional tax amounts based on the LLC’s income and assets. These amounts will be assessed based on the information you provide on the required forms.

Employer Identification Number

In addition, if there is more than one member to your LLC, you are Federally required to register for an Employer Identification Number (EIR). This is true even if you do not have any employees.

This can be achieved online at the Federal IRS website.

Contacting an Attorney

Filing forms and making payments to keep your LLC current on tax obligations can be a complicated process. Contacting an experienced business attorney will help ensure all your forms are forms are filled out properly, and all necessary taxes are paid.

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