A meta tag is a line of code embedded in the source code of a web page. These tags contain information picked up by search engines, but does not appear in the text of a web page. Meta tags usually contain keywords, copyright information or brief descriptions of the page. Some website owners include deceptive information in their meta tags to misdirect internet traffic.

Is Putting Trademarked Terms into a Meta Tag Trademark Infringement?

Using trademarked terms in your meta tags can be trademark infringement under certain circumstances. This practice is trademark infringement when it deceptively lures users towards your site and away from the site that owns the trademark.

When Can I Use a Trademarked Term in My Meta Tags?

Not every meta tag use of another company’s trademark is illegal. The fair use doctrine is commonly used to defend against these types of trademark infringement suits. When the trademark is used only to describe the goods or services of a company or to describe their geographic origin, it is permitted under trademark law as a “fair use.”

Should I Contact an Attorney about My Meta Tag Problem?

Determining whether a trademark’s use in a meta tag is legal can be difficult and confusing. An experienced trademark attorney can help you understand your rights and privileges. A trademark attorney can also represent you in court and help you file all the necessary paperwork. Directions for placement on the web