Items That Cannot Be Covered in Your Will

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Is There Any Kind of Property I Cannot Leave to Beneficiaries in My Will?

While it is very common to use a will to hand property down to another person after you have died, there are certain types of property that legally cannot be included in a will: 

Are There Any Other Items I Cannot Include in My Will?

Keep in mind that the purpose of the will is simply to say what things you wish to leave to which beneficiaries.  Anything going beyond that point is not legally enforceable in a will: 

Do I Need an Attorney to Help Draft My Will?

The legal formalities and tax implications of a will can be very complex and confusing.  If you would like assistance in making a will you should contact an attorney who has experience in estate planning.  Your attorney will be able to listen to your goals for your will, and help you develop a will (or any trusts if need be) to meet those goals.

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