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Is My Company Ready For an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

Not all companies are ready for an initial public offering (IPO), and "going public" too soon can be disasterous to some businesses.  All of the following should be considered before an initial public offering:

When Is The Best Time For My IPO?

The timing of the initial public offering is probably the most difficult question to answer.  Using an IPO when the market is "hot" often gives a higher valuation and is very competitive with other similar companies, but results can falter in subsequent quarters when the market cools off, creating frustration in management and disappointment for stockholders.  This is especially dangerous if your company is not completely ready for such a venture.  

Market windows can also be seasonal.  Although it is simply a rule of thumb, generally late August is a poor time to bring a new IPO to the market because many investors are enjoying their last weeks of summer with their families before the school year begins for children.  The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are also traditionally difficult times to bring new offerings.  

Should I Seek Advice From an Attorney Familiar with IPO's?

Bringing an initial public offering to market is a very complicated process that could make or break your company.  Consulting an attorney, especially one with investment or financial experience, can save your company an invaluable amount of time and energy. 

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