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It is commonly known that there are laws pertaining to the possession of a firearm, but each state also has separate laws regarding other illegal weapons.

What are Illegal Weapons?

Each state has broad latitude to determine what weapons are illegal within its borders.  A few common examples are:

What Acts Violate an Illegal Weapon Law?

Each state is free to choose, and most illegal weapon laws make a variety of activities illegal.  They can range from:

Are There any Exemptions from Illegal Weapon Laws?

Each state has its own exemptions for violations of its illegal weapon law, but most include:

What are the Consequences for Violating an Illegal Weapon Law?

If you violate an illegal weapon law, you have generally committed a felony and could face criminal punishment that can range from:

Do I Need an Attorney if I Have Violated an Illegal Weapon Law?

If you are charged with violating a state's illegal weapon law, it is highly recommended that you contact a criminal defense attorney.  Only they will be able to fully explain the issues and assist in your defense.

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