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How Are Child Custody Lawyers Paid?

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What Are Child Custody Lawyers?

When people refer to child custody lawyers, they most often mean family law lawyers. They are family law lawyers that specialize in child care, child custody, child abuse, neglect, and other legal issues related to children.

What Kind of Arrangements Will My Lawyer Make?

Child custody lawyers will often work on a retainer basis, which means that they will give you an estimate of what they think the case will cost. Some attorneys ask for half, or another portion, of the retainer up front, while others will ask for the entire amount. Unused portions of the retainer will be returned to the client after the case has completed.

Attorneys will draft written agreements that will reflect the services they expect to provide and the estimated cost they expect those services to be. It is important to read this agreement very carefully, as it will be a legally binding document that cannot be changed later.

What Kinds of Fees Will My Lawyer Charge?

If your lawyer works on an hourly fee, they will charge for partial hours used to complete tasks. They keep records of these billing procedures, so you can see how the pay has been divided up.

Child custody lawyer pricing varies dramatically based on a number of factors. A petition for joint custody, in which the parties are amenable to dividing up their child or children's time equally, will be very different than a complex procedure in which custody is disputed, the parties are opposing, and the case requires time in court. The market rate of child custody lawyers in the specific geographical area will also inform the rate your child custody lawyer charges.

The market rate for family lawyers in the specific geographical area will also inform the rate your child custody lawyer charges.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Absolutely. Each person engaged in a family law dispute must have an attorney to represent their interests.

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