A heart defibrillator is a device that sends an electric current through the body to restore the heartbeat of a person in cardiac arrest or whose heart has stopped beating normally.  In recent years doctors have begun implanting these devices into patients with a high risk of cardiac arrest.  The primary producer of the internal heart defibrillator is the Guidant Corporation.

What Is the Alleged Problem With Guidant’s Defibrillators?

Guidant recently disclosed that their Ventak Prizm 2 Mode 1861 defibrillator contains a flaw with the electrical system that may cause the device to short-circuit and malfunction, putting its user at a high risk of cardiac failure.  Guidant insists the chances of the defibrillator failing are very small (about 0.07ï20) and exceed design expectations and specifications.

The potential legal problem is that Guidant did not disclose the defibrillator’s possibile electrical failure to doctors or their patients until the New York Times discovered the problem three years after their widespread use.

Should I Consult an Attorney If a Loved One Or I Have Concerns About a Guidant Heart Defibrillator?

Internal heart defibrillators are a very new technology, and it may be difficult to determine whether the defibrillator that was used on you or a loved one worked properly.  An experienced defective products lawyer will be able to give you advice concerning a possible claim against Guidant.