False Accusations of Harassment

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What Are False Accusations of Harassment?

False accusations of harassment involve false or fraudulent claims that one worker or employer is harassing another worker. These types of claims often involve sexual harassment or rape, and are sometimes filed for the purpose of filing for a large damages award. False accusations of harassment may involve:

Knowingly filing a false sexual harassment claim or false rape claim can lead to serious legal penalties. Such claims are discouraged as they tend to waste judicial resources and time. In some cases, the claim may be filed simply out of spite, competition in the workplace, or other personal factors.

What Happens if a Person Files a False Accusation of Harassment?

A person who is found to be filing a false sexual harassment claim may be subject to legal penalties. These can include court fines, a contempt order, or sometimes even criminal charges. Also, falsely accusing another person of harassment can sometimes lead to a slander lawsuit, especially if the accused person has had their reputation damaged by the false accusation. Perjury charges can also result if the person lied during a trial proceeding.

In addition to legal penalties, the person filing the false claim may also experience other negative consequences, such as a demotion at their work.

What Types Damages Are Available in a False Accusation Claim?

False harassment claims can lead to damages that will be paid to the accused party. These can include payment for:

Lastly, as mentioned, the accused person might also respond by filing a slander lawsuit if they have been negatively affected by a false sexual harassment claim. These types of complex legal interactions generally require the assistance of a lawyer.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Help with a False Harassment Claim?

False accusations of harassment can be difficult to handle. You may need to hire a lawyer for advice on how to handle a harassment claim that you suspect to be false. Your attorney can provide you with legal representation in order to ensure that your rights and interests are being protected throughout the course of the trial.

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