Expunging a Conviction in North Carolina

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Can a Conviction Be Removed or Sealed in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, it is possible to have a criminal record sealed, or expunged, under certain specific circumstances. This does not exactly mean that the conviction records are destroyed or removed, as law enforcement will still be able to view the records. However, in everyday life, the outcome will be as if the conviction never existed. 

When Is Expungement Available?

Expungement is available if:

Expungement is not available in North Carolina in the following situations:


Do I Need a Lawyer?

A person who wishes to have a conviction expunged must file an application with the court. Generally, this also means submitting pertinent documents to an Expungement Clerk. Such documents may include a "Motion for Expungement of Criminal Record," an "Expungement Order," and a report of the conviction. A North Carolina criminal defense lawyer can help you through this complicated process.

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