Blasphemy is the use of language in the presence of others or in publication with a willful and malicious intent in assailing God or the doctrines of the Christian religion. In a few states (like Oklahoma and Massachusetts), it may actually be an offense to insult God and his teachings in public.

What Are Some Examples Of Blasphemy?

Here are some examples of blasphemous statements:

  • “There is no truth in the Bible.”
  • Christianity is “monkey business.”
  • “All religions are a deception to people.”
  • Profane scoffing at the Holy Scripture.

Are Laws against Blasphemy Constitutional?

There is no uniform decision amongst the courts to completely ban blasphemy laws as being unconstitutional. However, blasphemy laws that are not intended to prevent violence and preserve public peace have been held to be unconstitutional. Also, even if the laws themselves are constitutional, some courts question whether the ways they are administered and applied are indeed constitutional.

Should I Consult with a Attorney Experienced in Freedom of Speech?

If you feel that your constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of speech or the press have been compromised, you should contact a government attorney. Speaking with the proper lawyer experienced in your constitutional protections will inform you of your rights as well as preserve any possible legal remedies you may have.