Auto financing refers to the process of obtaining a loan for the purpose of purchasing a car. This often happens in connection with a car dealer, although there are separate companies that provide car loans apart from a dealership. Auto financing is often necessary because some people cannot afford to purchase a car outright, or they cannot afford the initial down and monthly payments.

The process of obtaining a car loan involves many steps, including:

  • “Shopping” for a financier
  • Research of the borrower’s background and eligibility
  • Discussion/negotiation of terms, including interests rates and monthly payments
  • Approval of loan amounts
  • Dispersal of funds

What Are Some Common Auto Financing Legal Issues?

In some instances, auto financing can often be a source of legal disputes or conflicts. This can happen because, although auto finance deals are not as major as a home or business finance transaction, they can still be sizable in amount.

  • Loan fraud
  • Other connected issues such as auto warranties (especially if the financing is connected with the dealership)
  • Borrower defaults on loan payments
  • Issues with debt and loan approval
  • Unfair lending practices

Lastly, auto loans can sometimes be the subject of financial scams. For instance, a scammer might pose as a finance agent and use fake forms or fake information to obtain the person’s personal information.

What If I Need to File an Auto Financing Lawsuit?

Auto financing lawsuits generally require much documentation and evidence. Some forms of evidence may include loan contracts, company or agent certification documents, receipts, and pay receipts. These can all be used to help settle disputes over the finance contract. These types of lawsuits typically end with a monetary damages award being issued in order to compensate the plaintiff party for financial losses.

Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Auto finance deals can often involve transactions involving several thousands of dollars. You may need to hire a lawyer if you have any legal issues or disputes over a financing arrangement. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice and representation for the claim. Also, if you need help negotiating a finance deal, your attorney can provide you with guidance during the negotiation process.