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Learn More About Watertown, SD

Watertown is the county seat of Codington County and home to the Redlin Art Center, which is named for notable American wildlife artist Terry Redlin and regularly visited by Sioux Falls lawyers. Other Watertown attractions include Bramble Park Zoo, Watertown Family Aquatic Center, and the Mellette House.

Watertown plays host to many lawyers who are familiar with Codington County magistrate and circuit courts. Lawyers in Watertown are able to assist you with any legal issue; examples of typical cases include real estate, personal injury, medical malpractice, chapter 7 bankruptcy, and family law issues like divorce and child support.

Recently, David Amotun was arraigned in Codington County Superior Court on felony grand theft auto and felony second degree murder for the murder of a Watertown resident found dead in her grandmother’s home. Amotun was arrested after a police chase the ended in Amotun crashing a stolen pickup; he is being held on $500,000 bail.

If you are fighting criminal charges in Watertown, you will be visiting the Third Judicial Circuit Court which also has exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations, juvenile, traffic and other violations, as well as real property disputes exceeding $10,000.

LegalMatch is the best way to go about the task of selecting a lawyer. LegalMatch’s Watertown lawyers are guaranteed to be South Dakota State Bar certified and you can even check reviews, prices, and availability. Also, you can do preliminary research on any legal topic with our online law library and other resources that are located in our LegalCenter.

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