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Learn More About Brookings, SD

Brookings is the seat of Brookings County and home to the largest school of higher education in the state, South Dakota State University. Brookings is also home to many manufacturing companies such as 3M, Daktronics, Larson Manufacturing, and Rainbow Play Systems.

With this in mind, it is no wonder that Brookings is also a great place to find a lawyer who is familiar with local circuit and magistrate courts. Lawyers in Brookings take a wide array of cases, including DUI, personal injury, bankruptcy, divorce, medical malpractice, and many more.  Sioux Falls lawyers often have good working relationships with Brookings attorneys, and they regularly refer clients to one another. 

Recently, the North Dakota State University Research Foundation filed a lawsuit against a Brookings-based seed dealer. The NDSU Research Foundation alleges that Sexauer Discount Farm Services, located in downtown Brookings, purchased the Souris oat seed variety, which the foundation owns the patent for, from an unnamed source. Sexauer Discount Farm Services then allegedly resold the seed variety to its customers without permission from the foundation or paying any royalties to it. The case is currently ongoing.

If you are filing a lawsuit in Brookings, you will most likely be visiting the Third Judicial Circuit Court which has jurisdiction over local and state issued citations, juvenile, domestic, and real property cases exceeding $10,000. The circuit court also hears tort, contract, and small claims cases that do not exceed $8,000.

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