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The Northeastern portion of the United States is one of the most affluent places in the world, spanning over 9 U.S. states which include: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the costal regions of both Delaware and Maryland. New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston are the three most prominent cities in the Northeast that share ethnically diverse populations which are indicative of the region as a whole. Major ethnic groups consist of African-American, Italian, Irish, European, and Jewish immigrants but recently the region has seen an influx of Hispanic-Americans.
The Semiannual Uniform Crime Report issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that violent crimes overall had recently dropped in the Northeastern Region, but that forcible rapes, burglaries, and larceny-theft were all up. The report also covered the increase of property crimes in the region that have largely been attributed to a struggling economy and an uneven distribution of wealth. Many of the unskilled workers who thrived in the industrial factories and trading ports of the Northeast have struggled to find employment in the formerly inferior service sector; skilled workers still dominate much of the workforce.
The most prevalent cases in the U.S. Northeast are bankruptcy, divorce, criminal, civil lawsuit, and immigration cases. U.S. Immigration Courts are responsible for handling any visa, citizenship, and deportation cases and the U.S. District Courts will likely be your location of filing any bankruptcy actions. With other issues, it is likely best to consult a Northeast lawyer who is familiar with local laws and courts because the region covers many different states and judicial arrangements.
For example, a civil lawsuit in Connecticut must be filed with a Connecticut Superior Court, while the same case in Pennsylvania could be filed with the Common Pleas Court, Municipal Court, or Magisterial District Judge Court. Lawyers in the Northeast can advise clients on nearly any legal issue that you may present and are well acquainted with the nuances of practicing in each locality.
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