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Learn More About New England

The New England region of the United States encompasses the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The name New England dates back to 1620 and, aside from Nova Scotia, it is the only North American region to inherit the name of a Kingdom in the British Isles. New England is widely known as one of the most liberal regions in the U.S. as exemplified by the prevalence of the abolition movement in the 19th century, elimination of the death penalty, and the campaign for same-sex marriage today.
Since New England is at the liberal forefront, the region plays host to many well known cases and lawyers. New England lawyers are well acquainted with Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont State Courts, but many are also licensed to practice in federal courts. The two Federal courts in New England that you are most likely to visit are the U.S. Immigration Court that handles any visa, citizenship, or deportation cases and the U.S. District Court that retains jurisdiction over federal offenses and bankruptcy cases.
The courts and jurisdictions vary widely among New England states. Consequently, discussing your case with a New England lawyer is often a good idea to make sure that you are filing with the correct court, division, and state. For example, filing for divorce in Vermont would send you to the Family Court in your county; however, if you wanted to file for divorce in Maine then you would have to visit one of the District Courts.
LegalMatch will pair you with a New England lawyer who is knowledgeable of New England courts and procedures. By submitting a short synopsis of your case, LegalMatch is able to provide you with a free list of New England lawyers who are bar certified and want to take your case. From there, you can read past clients’ reviews, check availability, see price quotes, and select with confidence because your customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Also, check out the LegalMatch Law Library for over 4,000 articles on the most pressing legal topics.

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