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Learn More About Fargo, ND

Fargo, ND is the largest city in the state and is known as the "Gateway to the West." Founded in 1871, Fargo was named for Wells Fargo founder William Fargo. Much of Fargo’s north end was destroyed by an F5 tornado in 1957, considered once of the most devasting in the state’s history, destroying close to 1500 homes and claiming 10 lives.

Today, Fargo has experienced both business and population growth, with companies such as Microsoft establishing operations within its borders and 92,000 residents calling it home. Three universities are located in Fargo: North Dakota State University, Rasmussen College, and Masters Baptist College. Attractions in Fargo include the Fargo-Moorhead Youth Symphony, the Fargodome, and the Plains Art Museum.

Attractions in Fargo include the Fargo-Moorhead Youth Symphony, the Fargodome, and the Plains Art Museum.  Other popular sites include Newman Outdoor Field, Reineke Fine Arts Center, the Fargo Civic Center, John E. Carlson Coliseum, and famous Scheels Arena.  Interestingly enough, Fargo also have some very tall buildings, which include the First Lutheran Church, Cathedral of St. Mary, and the Lashkowitz High Rise.

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There are also a large number of Fargo lawyers throughout the community. Lawyers in Fargo can help you with business, immigration, real estate transaction, criminal defense, and a number of other legal issues.

Lawyers in Fargo recently defended the city against a civil rights lawsuit. The Red River Freethinkers filed suit against the city of Fargo after city officials refused to allow a monument referencing the Treaty of Tripoli to be situated near the city’s 10 Commandments monument. In particular, the Treaty states "As the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion." The Freethinkers claim that prohibiting the Tripoli monument from being placed next the 10 Commandments monument is a constitutional violation of the separation of church and state. The lawsuit is ongoing.

The North Dakota court system is composed of limited jurisdiction municipal courts, general jurisdiction district courts, a court of appeals, and the state supreme court. Attorneys in Fargo may argue their case in the Fargo Municipal Court, the East Central Judicial District, the Court of Appeals, or the North Dakota Supreme Court. Lawyers in Fargo are familiar with the local rules of the courts, and can provide any guidance you may need.

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