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The Midwest Region of the United States covers Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The Midwest plays host to over 66 million people, most of which live in rural communities or large cities like Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Kansas City, Omaha, Minneapolis St. Paul, and St. Louis.
Even in the large cities, the Midwestern rural heritage prevails. The Midwest Region produces a large percentage of corn, soy, and tobacco, among many other claims to fame like Chicago blues and Detroit’s Motor City heritage. The Midwest is known for a mild political climate that fosters a number of important swing states.
Legal issues in the Midwest are as diverse as the population. The countless courts in the Midwest offer jurisdiction over nearly every kind of case imaginable. Immigration visa, deportation, and citizenship cases can be handled by a U.S. Immigration Court and bankruptcies are handled by your local U.S. District Court. Most other cases are handled by state courts that vary in judicial arrangement so it’s often best to check with a knowledgeable Midwest lawyer. A case that is filed with an Illinois Circuit Court may be under the jurisdiction of and Indiana Superior or County Court. Midwest lawyers are familiar with practicing in local, state, and federal courts.
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