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Learn More About Idaho

Idaho has recently become one of the most rapidly growing states in the nation, and much of this increase in population is due to immigration from outside the U.S. Idaho has acted as a leader in the pro-life movement.  In 2008, Idaho became one of the first states to pass a law imposing criminal penalties and civil liability for “forcing, threatening, or inflicting bodily harm on women to perform unwanted abortions.”  Additionally, under Idaho law, women must give informed consent after hearing information about their fetus’ development, and alternatives to abortion.

In the News: Idaho has also helped define the parameters of the 6th Amendment Confrontation Clause, which grants someone accused of a crime the right to be confronted by opposing witnesses.   In the 1990 case of Idaho v. Wright, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down an Idaho rule of evidence, called a residual hearsay exception.  Specifically, the Court found that a pediatrician’s testimony regarding his interview of two minor patients alleging sexual abuse should not have been admitted to trial because it lacked “particular guarantees of trustworthiness.”  The Court stated that since the physician conducted the interview without procedural safeguards, allowing such testimony would violate the defendant’s Confrontation Clause rights.

Information About the Idaho Legal System

There are many resources and websites that can provide you with legal and general information about the laws of the state of Idaho:

The Constitution of Idaho governs the laws of Idaho. Most notably, the state requires that the state government to maintain a balanced budget. The State’s laws are also included in the Idaho Code which is governed by three separate branches: legislative, judicial, and executive. These laws set out in the Idaho Code, as well as the Idaho State constitution, address nearly every aspect of Idaho life. Legal violations and lawsuits are resolved in Idaho’s state court system, which consists of the state Supreme Court, the Idaho Court of Appeals, and the District Courts. Supreme Court decisions are binding on all other Idaho courts

Legal Issues in the State of Idaho

There are many local lawyers living and practicing in Idaho.  Lawyers must be registered with the Idaho State Bar in order to practice in the state.  Additionally, each lawyer must complete at least 30 hours of accredited continuing legal education every three years after passing the Idaho State Bar Exam.  Furthermore, lawyers who hold themselves out as specialists or certified specialists must complete at least 30 hours of continuing legal education in their field of specialty every three years

If you are facing a legal problem in the state of Idaho, whether its marriage, divorce, criminal issue, child custody, property, or other legal issues, LegalMatch can help you find the right Idaho attorney which can may a big difference on how your case plays out. Idaho lawyers provide legal services in a variety of legal topics. Many Lawyers in Idaho file their claims in the District Court. However, more complex claims can be heard higher up in the court system. Attorneys in Idaho have experience in handling the types of legal claims that are specific to the region

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LegalMatch offers many ways to match you with an experienced and pre-screened local attorney within the State of Idaho to assist you with your case. By using the free, confidential services of LegalMatch, you can ensure that your lawyer complies with Idaho’s licensing and educational requirements.  LegalMatch pre-screens all of its lawyers, and provides valuable information about local lawyers who are guaranteed to handle your case.

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