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Learn More About Epping, NH


Epping is a census designated place in the southern part of New Hampshire and is sometimes known as the “center of the universe” because the town sits at the intersection of two busy roads. Because of its location, Epping is currently in an expansion phase where many stores and malls are being put in to entice drivers to exit and shop. Despite this growth, Epping has managed to maintain its wonderful old architecture in many of the homes and buildings that existed before the economic development.
If you have a lawsuit in Epping, you should contact a local Epping lawyer. These friendly and personable professions are eager to assist you in your legal situation, and they are skilled in many areas of law including personal injury, divorce, child custody, DUI, criminal defense, real estate, land title disputes, tax, and more.
An Epping man is suing the nearby town of Dover challenging its city laws restricting where a convicted sex offender can live. The town’s laws make it so a sex offender cannot live within 2500 feet of a school or daycare center. The Epping man says that this prohibits him from living in the downtown area, the only part of the town that is affordable for him. The man had a warrant issued for his arrest when he failed to register with the town as a sex offender. When the police showed up to serve the warrant on the Epping man, they found that he had fled through a fire escape and was found blocks away in a forest.
The town of Epping is served by the Rockingham Superior Court as well as the Dover District Court. Combined, these two courts have jurisdiction to hear any type of legal action that arises out of Epping. The attorneys in Epping are very familiar with both of these courts and are supplement your case with this local knowledge.
If you would like to hire an Epping attorney but are not sure where to start, you should check out Here at LegalMatch, we are dedicated to matching you up with the attorney that is right for you and your case.
For more information about the laws in Epping, and the New Hampshire courts, please visit these following links:


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