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Learn More About Rockingham County, NH

Rockingham County houses the entirety of the New Hampshire oceanfront, and as such, is also home to many seaside resort towns. Visitors to the County often flock to the beach during the warm summer months to see the surf and eat some great seafood. Additionally, residents of and visitors to Rockingham County visit America’s Stonehenge, an archeological site of large rock and stone structures scattered about 30 acres of land that has been tenuously dated to as far back as 2000 BC.
If you are involved in a legal dispute in Rockingham County, you should get the advice of one of the many Rockingham County lawyers. These legal professionals regularly practice in areas of law such as tax, bankruptcy, divorce, alimony, wills and estates, DUI, burglary, criminal defense, employment discrimination, automobile accidents, and many more.
Two Rockingham County building owners have been the subject of a recent lawsuit that claims that the buildings are failing to conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The lawsuit claims that one of the buildings does not provide a parking space wide enough for a person with a wheelchair to use, and that the access ramps are not adequate. The lawsuit also claims that in the second building, the bathroom space is not designed so that a person in a wheelchair can use the restroom without undue difficulty. The man filing the lawsuit against the Rockingham County building owners said that he has been filing these types of lawsuits to force businesses to comply with the ADA.
If you have a case in Rockingham County, you will probably have to report to the Rockingham Superior Court, which is located in Brentwood. The Superior Courts in New Hampshire have the power to hear both civil and criminal cases, and are the only courts in the state that provide the right for a jury trial. If you want your case to be heard by a jury, you will want to have a Rockingham County attorney on your side. is here to help you find the right Rockingham County lawyer for your situation. Here at LegalMatch, we know that each person has different legal needs and situations, which is why we let you pick and choose the best lawyer for your case from the pool of legal professionals that respond to your posting. To help you make this decision, LegalMatch provides you with access to great information like past client reviews and attorney profiles. As always, our service is entirely free to you, so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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