Chas Blackford

LegalMatch Writer

Chas Blackford, LegalMatch Author

Chas joined LegalMatch in November 2001 as a free-lance web producer. He has since served in numerous roles within the company, serving as both product manager and project manager, and is currently director of web production and search engine optimization.

Prior to joining LegalMatch, Chas was the user-experience manager for, a well-funded start-up born during San Francisco's dot-com boom. He also writes two monthly articles for Magazine's Fitness and Outdoor section series: The Ultimate Sunday Bike Ride and The Ultimate Sunday Hike.

Chas has a degree in Multimedia Studies from the College of Marin, as well as an Internet Publishing Certificate from the Center for Electronic Art. He also attended the San Francisco Art Institute, majoring in sculpture and photography. Off work hours activities include cycling, hiking and travel.