Why Use the Services of a Legal Marketing Firm

In today’s competitive legal landscape, to attract and retain clients requires more than just legal expertise. Effective marketing strategies are critical for building brand awareness, generating leads, and ultimately, achieving sustainable growth. While it can be daunting to navigate the complexities of legal marketing, partnering with a dedicated legal marketing firm can provide the tools and expertise you need to propel your practice forward.

This article will explore the benefits of leveraging a legal marketing firm’s services, weaving in the firsthand experiences of satisfied attorneys like you.

Boost Your Bottom Line: Time and Money Saved

Marketing can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of running your legal practice. Which is why you may be wondering whether you need a marketing agency at your law firm. The answer is yes. And we don’t just say that because we want you to join LegalMatch.

The days of hanging up a sign and waiting for clients to walk through your doors are gone, and trends that impact the legal marketing world today have a lot to do with increased price competition and more commoditized legal work. With globalization and technology affecting the legal industry, adapting to the new digital marketing age is crucial for your success as an attorney.

Whether you decide to take a do-it-yourself approach or hire and train an in-house marketing team, handling marketing without outside help can take up a lot of energy and resources. Consider also any wasted time spent if you mistakenly hire someone who does not meet your expectations and/or doesn’t have the expertise you require.

An online legal marketing firm can remove the burden of marketing tasks that would otherwise be on your plate, freeing up your schedule so you can focus on helping clients instead of trying to find them. Industry experts at a legal marketing firm can handle anything from SEO to social media letting you focus on the part you do best: practice law.

An agency can attract high-value leads, cultivate your online presence, and deliver results that impact your bottom line. You can avoid hassles by outsourcing to a legal marketing firm because:

  • You pay for a subscription or inclusive package.
  • There are no training costs because you are already hiring industry experts.
  • All equipment, including systems, are already provided by the marketing firm.
  • You can immediately gauge whether a marketing company can meet your needs through case studies and proposals provided by the firm.
  • The marketing team is independent from the law firm and there is no necessity to adjust to the work culture of the firm.

When it comes to your return on investment, a legal marketing firm can provide the benefit of targeted marketing strategies at a scale you cannot achieve on your own or even with an in-house team. These include:

Having an online legal marketing service employ these and other strategic tools let you attract the right people, save valuable resources, and get a solid return on your investment – for far less effort than it would otherwise require.

LegalMatch has the portal ready and available, and the leads are constantly coming. I don’t have to go after the leads, the leads are there. The only thing that I have to do is process the leads. Real Estate Law Attorney, Marjory C.

The opportunity to obtain clients through LegalMatch gave me the ability to get my firm up and running at a steady pace. LegalMatch allowed me to grow my firm faster than I expected. LegalMatch helped me expand my clientele. Family Law Attorney, Lauren C.

I rely on LegalMatch at this point for my clients. I don’t need to do anything further. It gives the quantity, the flow of the volume of clients coming in, and the diversity as well. It just keeps me going basically for everything! Real Estate Law Attorney, Vasu V.

Operational Efficiency: Optimize Your Business’s Potential

Running a law practice is something of a juggling act. The constant demands, shifting deadlines, and ongoing pressure to manage your time effectively can leave you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. To make the most of your time and business, you’ll want the operational aspects to be modernized and flawless. But it is possible to simplify your workload, boost your productivity, achieve goals efficiently, and keep your clients happy.

In order to maximize your legal business, you don’t actually need to do marketing. What you need is to secure a steady stream of legal leads and then run them through your client screening process.

LegalMatch membership gets you the case leads you need to grow your practice, as well as dedicated support on how to turn those leads into paying clients. Our platform also facilitates communication between you and your potential clients, so you can spend more time on the legal work rather than on the marketing work of attracting new client leads.

We do the heavy-lifting of bringing leads your way, and we do it at a scale that can save you money and time, improving your productivity and increasing your overall enjoyment in running your law firm. But don’t take our word for it. Read these and other success stories from happy LegalMatch member attorneys.

I have recommended LegalMatch to many of my colleagues. I’d definitely say that it’s a more cost-effective form of advertising. LegalMatch tends to attract a better client base than the more wide-open forms of advertising. Immigration Law Attorney, Fabian L.

It has given me the chance to spend more time helping people with their legal problems instead of spending several hours of marketing or recruiting potential clients. Business Litigation Attorney, Dustin T.

Because of LegalMatch, I have become more in-depth, more timely, more productive, and more systematic. It has just improved my being an attorney substantially, procedurally, and business-wise. Estate Law Attorney, Steve O.

Maximize Your Visibility, Focus on What You Do Best: Practice Law

Imagine: no more selling yourself or your law firm. Your legal practice is enough work as it is!

LegalMatch is here to help you leverage the power of our online presence – built up over more than 20 years as the country’s premier attorney-client matching service. Our site has thousands of pages optimized to bring in a million visitors each month, and we are continually improving both our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content strategies so we can share with you the portion of that online traffic that is actively seeking legal representation. Since our founding in 1999, we have processed 6 million case submissions across a wide variety of legal categories.

What this means for you is that instead of spending any energy or resources toward increasing the visibility of your specific law firm, with LegalMatch you can ride the wave of our success to attract the legal leads you need to grow your clientele.

Benefits of membership include:

  • No need to create or manage your own website: Instead, you can simply create a profile within the LegalMatch platform. This can be especially helpful if you are a solo or small practice lawyer with a smaller budget who lacks the technical skills required for website development.
  • Massive-scale SEO and PPC drives traffic: LegalMatch engages in large-scale SEO and PPC strategies that drive online traffic to our website with your lawyer profile and a proprietary back-end system that supports your ability to connect with the legal leads who submit their case through us.
  • We match potential clients with lawyers: Our platform allows potential clients to post their legal issues online, where member attorneys can respond. We give you everything you need to contact potential clients directly – while they are actively seeking to hire a lawyer – and schedule consultations that can lead to contracts.

I have utilized my membership with remarkable efficiency, acquiring nearly four clients per week from the approximately 20 weekly offers I make through the LegalMatch system. Annual revenues generated from these LegalMatch clients have soared into six figures, so I consider my membership permanent. Bankruptcy, Banking, and Credit Law Attorney, Alan G.

I like the consistency of LegalMatch. They have leads all the time. Not a day goes by without a new lead coming in. In Hawaii, I’m getting all kinds of leads and when I get the whole basket of leads that comes in, I can pick and choose! General Law Attorney, Steve C.

With LegalMatch, you have what is a very direct way of getting clients and cases and doing the work that you love. Business Litigation Attorney, Howard B.

On a monthly basis I get 10 or 12 times return on investment. Each month, I’m spending a little over 800 dollars, and I’m very confident that it’s generating more than 10,000 a month in return. Apart from the financial part, LegalMatch is a big stress reliever. It has increased my efficiency. Remember, I was running all over town doing all sorts of things. Many times I was buying lunch for 20 to 30 people. I was wearing myself out. Now, I haven’t done a seminar in months, I just don’t need to. Estate Law Attorney, Clarke W.

Expand Your Reach: Open up New Client Opportunities

For many legal matters, clients can simply or primarily work with you remotely. Partnering with an online marketing firm like LegalMatch, can reduce or remove geographical limitations and help you connect with clients from all across the state or states where you are licensed to practice.

When you eliminate or reduce the need for in-person consultations, you can attract a wider pool of potential clients as well as save the time and money required to maintain brick-and-mortar office space. As you successfully handle cases from different areas of your state, you can build a wider reputation and achieve recognition beyond your local county, attracting even more clients.

For example, consider the success story from one of our happy member attorneys, Freda M., a General Practice Attorney in Ruidoso, NM, who finds LegalMatch invaluable in her geographically dispersed state.

Despite the distance, Freda M. gets more cases through LegalMatch than traditional methods like billboards or satellite offices. Our lead generation service allows her to follow up with potential clients, increasing conversion rates, and she estimates the platform brings her at least $10,000 in value annually, sometimes even $20,000.

For smaller firms, remote capabilities are even more important and beneficial. Marketing your small law firm comes with a unique set of challenges that can distract from your actual practice of law. Online visibility is one of these challenges, and is, once again, where SEO can make a big difference for you.

Unlike paid advertising that stops working when you stop paying, SEO efforts build long-term organic visibility, delivering value even after the initial investment. That’s why LegalMatch can say with confidence that no small law firm can match the SEO power we’ve been able to build up over the last two decades.

I was looking for leads outside of the county in New Jersey where I work and LegalMatch has opened up the entire state. Business Law Attorney, David G.

We’re very satisfied with LegalMatch. It has allowed us to expand into areas geographically that I probably never would’ve considered going to before. Family Law Attorney, Erica K.

If you’re struggling to get clients leads, wanting to streamline your work, or even starting to think about growing your practice with remote capabilities, investing in help from an online legal marketing firm just makes sense. If you agree that LegalMatch could be the one for you, request your guest pass so we can show you active cases seeking legal help today.