What is Legal or Law Firm Marketing? (And Why Is it Important?)


At its simplest definition, legal marketing refers to all tasks related to attracting clients to your law firm. This includes a wide range of activities from networking to advertising and maintaining public relations. Legal Marketing can cover both traditional and digital marketing, and in recent years, more firms have shifted focus (and resources) on the latter. Unfortunately, legal marketing isn’t something that they teach you in law school, despite it being one of the most important aspects in running a law firm.

Don’t expect clients to come searching for your firm just because your firm made the local news or keeps a good track record with your clients. Law firm marketing is essential in proactively ensuring that your law firm’s name is seen and heard by potential clients.

Law Firm Marketing Strategies: Traditional or Digital?

Before the internet became widely accessible, law firms have relied on traditional marketing strategies which included print ads, direct mail, flyers, TV and radio ads, and good old billboards. And while traditional methods are still widely used today, more and more law firms have started investing in law firm digital marketing.

Law firm internet marketing makes use of online platforms such as websites, social media, online ads, email marketing, and content marketing. Its main focus is to ensure that potential clients who are looking for lawyers and law firms online FINDS your law firm. Online marketing for law firms has become such a crucial part of any law firm’s marketing strategy that numerous marketing experts and firms have specialized in offering law firm marketing services.

Digital Marketing Resources Every Lawyer and Law Firm Should Know About

As mentioned earlier, law firm marketing isn’t something that law schools teach, much less “digital marketing”. This puts law firms at risk of making costly mistakes when trying to market themselves online. Luckily, there are a handful of tools, services, and platforms that both small and large law firms can utilize to both establish their digital presence and attract potential clients online:

  1. Law Firm Website

    A well-designed and responsive website is a good place to start when establishing your law firm’s digital presence. When it comes to digital marketing, a website provides potential clients the “first impression” of what your law firm is. As such, it’s important to give as much thought and effort into your firm’s website as you do your firm’s physical office. Furthermore, you have the option of building your own website or hiring an expert to create and maintain one for your firm. There are numerous website builders (such as Wix and Squarespace) that you can take advantage of should you decide on the former.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing

    Now, the problem with most firms that build their own websites is that they fail to ensure that it’s search engine optimized. SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of ensuring that your website comes up in your potential client’s search results when they look for law firms in Google or their search engine of choice. SEO can be tricky for law firms to figure out on their own, which is why more and more website building platforms and website development experts/companies are offering SEO services. Apart from SEO, you should also consider content marketing as a way to build your firm’s brand and establish your firm’s image as an expert in the industry. You can start off by writing a blog on legal topics that potential clients would find helpful.

  1. Online Directories and Review Sites

    Claiming your firm and lawyers’ “online profile” in online directories and review sites such as Yelp, Justia, and Avvo ensures that your website isn’t the only place potential clients can find you. These sites can help improve your law firm’s reach and digital presence. Registering your law firm on the State bar directory and online maps (Google Maps, Apple Maps and Bing Places) should be a priority. Lastly, make sure that your contact information and address are always up to date in these sites.

  1. Social Media

    Most (if not all) of your potential clients use social media, so it’s imperative that your law firm also has its own social media presence. There’s a handful of social media networks to choose from, so figuring out which platform works best for your law firm and practice area is crucial. You can utilize Facebook and its advertising campaigns to easily reach clients looking for law firms on the platform, LinkedIn to build your network, or even Twitter to engage in conversations regarding legal topics.

  1. Legal (Digital) Marketing Firms

    Marketing your law firm requires a lot of resources, tools, and technical knowledge to pull off efficiently. As such, it’s worth considering outsourcing your firm’s digital marketing to the experts. While outsourcing may seem costly at first, having experts handle your firm’s digital marketing allows your firm to focus on its main activities and eliminate all the guesswork from doing your own digital marketing. Most legal marketing firms have their own in-house SEO specialist and website developers as well as content specialist. However, a major drawback to having a legal marketing firm manage your website is that it increases dependency towards the digital marketing firm since your firm is less likely to have access or the knowledge on what to do with the website if you’re no longer with them.

  1. Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) Services

    Pay-Per-lead services, as the name implies, is an advertising service where lawyers and law firms pay per “lead” or “client acquisition”. Although effective, the problem with many PPL models is that they can be expensive, especially for those offering exclusive leads. On the other hand, cheaper PPL programs often distribute their leads to more than one attorney. The main downsides of creating and maintaining websites, hiring marketing firms, and using PPL services is that they’re costly. Fortunately, LegalMatch offers an effective lead-generating alternative with lower overhead cost through its attorney-client matching service platform.

How LegalMatch Can Help

LegalMatch’s legal marketing services provide member lawyers with an excellent lead-generation system to ensure a steady flow of local clients. With LegalMatch’s attorney-client matching platform, lawyers can obtain relevant information that’s normally acquired during the initial case intake when clients answer a few questions about their case in the LegalMatch platform. This allows attorneys to assess whether the potential client’s legal concerns fall within their area of expertise even before any actual communication happens.

Additionally, unlike other legal digital marketing or lead generation services, LegalMatch doesn’t require nor encourage its member lawyers to create and maintain their own website as it allows its member lawyers to create their own profiles within the platform.

LegalMatch offers a multitude of features geared towards ensuring lawyers and law firms have continuous access to quality leads. You can read the reviews and success stories from our member lawyers attesting to LegalMatch’s commitment in supporting lawyers and law firms that trust in our services.