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What Rights Do Prisoners in General Have?

Prisoners obviously do not have all the rights of an ordinary citizen. Besides being confined within certain boundaries, prisoners who were convicted of committing felonies could be deemed ineligible to vote. However, there are some rights that are so universal that they extend to every citizen, including prisoners:

Do Different Classification of Prisoners Get Different Rights under State or Federal Law?

There are no state or federal laws that specifically say which rights a prisoner in a minimum security prison is entitled to that a prisoner in maximum security prison is not entitled to. The rights of prisoners in maximum and minimum security prisons are generally left up to the prison officials, as long as the prisoners receive those basic rights listed above.

If I Feel My Rights as a Prisoner, or Someone I Know in Prison, Are Being Violated, What Should I Do?

You should immediately seek the consul of an attorney who has experience dealing with civil rights law. Your attorney can inform you of your rights and help you decide what legal action to take against prison officials and/or the state or federal government (depending on what kind of prison you are in).

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