No Child Left Behind: Teacher Quality

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The federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act created a condition that all schools must have teachers that are "highly qualified." Therefore, the teacher must have at least a bachelor's degree, competence in their subject area, and full certification. These qualifications apply to teachers in core academic subjects.

What are Core Academic Subjects?

Core academic subjects are the fundamental courses in education. These core subjects include:

How are States Held Accountable to Provide Qualified Teachers?

School districts and individual schools must make a plan of action that describes how their school will comply with meeting the "highly qualified" requirement. In return, these schools can receive federal funding that allows them to comply with the requirement.

How Can Parents Inquire about Teacher Qualifications?

Parents of students can find out the qualifications of their child's teachers by going to the school and requesting the information. The information provided will regard the certification, the degree of the teacher and whether they are on a provisional status.

What about Teacher's Aides?

Teacher's aides that don't meet the highly qualified requirements are not allowed to give instruction but must be under the supervision of a qualified teacher. Therefore, if your child is being taught by an unqualified teacher's aide, you should ask the school administration.

Should I Hire an Attorney?

An experienced attorney can help to give parents guidance on teacher quality and whether a school is complying with NCLB. In addition, an experienced attorney can help to assist parents in finding alternatives to the school their child is enrolled in.

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