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What Is Grand Theft Auto?

Grant theft auto is the theft of a vehicle.  If you steal a car with the intent to keep the vehicle permanently, you have committed grand theft auto.  For example, stealing a car for the purpose of "joyriding" is not considered grand theft auto.  However, you will have committed grand theft auto if you sell any part of the stolen vehicle.   

How Is Grand Theft Auto Different from Carjacking?

Grand theft auto and carjacking are similar in that both involve stealing an automobile.  However, the two crimes differ in terms of the manner in which a vehicle is stolen.  Grand theft auto can occur without any violence at all, and often a person is not even present in the vehicle.  Carjacking, on the other hand, is always a violent offense that involves the forceful taking of a car from a person. 

What Are the Likely Consequences of Grand Theft Auto?

Grand theft auto can either be a misdemeanor or a felony.  Most states set a certain amount of money as the cut-off line between the two.  For example, selling more than $400 worth of the vehicle in California is considered a felony.  Whether you are guilty of a misdemeanor or felony, any of the following consequences are likely:

How Can an Attorney Help Me? 

Grand theft auto is a serious automobile crime that can severely affect the rest of your life.  If you are charged with grand theft auto, consult an experienced attorney to learn more about your rights, defenses, and the complicated legal system. 

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