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Is Hiring a Lawyer Going to be Expensive?

This will depend on your case and what arrangements you make for the fee. There are different kinds of fees you can choose from when hiring a lawyer. Below are some common types of fee arrangements:

Is the Fee all I Have to Pay when I Hire a Lawyer?

No, you are also expected to pay costs on top of your fee, such as for copies, process service, deposition transcripts, etc.

Should I Have a Fee Agreement with my Lawyer?

Yes, at your first meeting with your lawyer you should discuss the fee and the costs. You should get this arrangement in writing. The type of arrangements that you make with your lawyer in the beginning will have significant impact on how much you will pay for the service. The fee arrangement should include:

What are the Common Fees in Different Areas?

In different areas, lawyers usually use a certain kind of fee. Below are some examples of common areas and fees normally charged for such a case:

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