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The Shields Law Firm

We face a variety of challenges in our daily lives and often we can’t handle them ourselves, especially when we can’t fight for our rights. The Shields Law Firm, PLLC, is located in Richmond, Virginia.  It is a law firm that assists individuals understand and realize their legal rights.

With more than 40 years of civil and criminal litigation experience, Attorney William Gilbert Shields has been assisting clients in the areas of personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and criminal law. Mr. Shields helps clients with legal issues throughout Virginia, and occasionally, the District of Columbia, West Virginia, North Carolina, or other states.

Building a Career In Law

While attending The University of North Carolina, Mr. Shields discovered his passion for law in order to protect people, civics, and the exercise of rights found in the Constitution.

After completing Law School at The University of Virginia, and four years as an Army officer, Mr. Shields clerked for The Supreme Court of Virginia, where he gained valuable insight into the inner working of the courts system.  Early in his career he was with a “downtown” firm in Richmond where he defended insurance companies from all the various types of claims brought against them. Mr. Shields has now spent 40 years running his own firm practice.

His Personal Motivation

Often times, negative experiences become a turning point in our lives. One of Mr. Shields’ insurance cases involved defending a drunk driver responsible for the death of a law student at Stanford University. When Mr. Shields looked at the victim’s parents, he realized they were thinking their son should be here doing what Mr. Shields was doing. Looking at their eyes, he realized he was using his God-given talent and skill the wrong way. Mr. Shields knew, that he would never be satisfied defending these claims, he needed to represent people.  He thought, “I have a bit of a St. George slaying the dragon” complex in my personality.

From then on, he made it a point not to hurt people, but help them. This encounter highly motivated him to shift his career path in law and stand up for people’s rights. He left his previous firm and went on to work for plaintiffs, as he does now at The Shields Law Firm.

Other than working hard to help his clients live a quality life, Mr. Shields experiences joy in what he does and is serious about his profession. He believes that the profession in general needs to seriously examine both the court system and the way law is developing. He sees a general decline in the court system and a weakening of our legal rights.

He stressed, “Attorneys have to take the time to present good arguments and Judges should read the cases and apply the law to the facts in front of them without bias”. Federal courts should not abuse the summary judgment process, as he believes they do now, because cases should go to the jury.

LegalMatch provides us with a stream of cases that we can evaluate and match our abilities, so we can help people through the application of law.

William Gilbert Shields, The Shields Law Firm

Accomplishment and Recognition

Mr. Shields has been recognized as a leader in his profession for decades. He was elected President of the Richmond Trial Lawyers Association in the 1990’s.  He is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. He was awarded The Presidential Service Award by The Virginia Chiropractic Association. He has been selected  one of North America’s Best Attorneys, and numerous other awards.

On Using LegalMatch

When asked what type of advantage LegalMatch has provided for him and the other lawyer, Mr. Shields stated, “LegalMatch provides us with a stream of cases that we can evaluate and match our abilities, so we can help people through the application of law. ” He added that he would recommend LegalMatch to lawyers and to individuals seeking legal help.

If you feel that you have been injured, harmed or need quality legal representation in Virginia, contact the Shields Law Firm right away to assist you to claim your rights and recover your losses.

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