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Law Offices of Steven A. Wolvek

Going through the whole process of bankruptcy can be devastating. The Law Offices of Steven A. Wolvek offers a helping hand to individual business owners and big corporations with their bankruptcy cases in order to resolve company debts and recover from financial losses.

For 29 years, Attorney Steven A. Wolvek has thousands of individuals in court. He dedicates his time in four major areas of law: bankruptcy and foreclosure, family law, personal injury, as well as civil litigation, plaintiff and defense work. 

If you need legal counsel or assistance contact the office for a free, no obligation consultation. Offices are located in Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno, San Jose, Bakersfield, Torrance, Woodland Hills and Westlake Village. Appointments can be set through the company website: .

Starting Out In Law

Not everyone figures out their calling at the beginning. Often, we chase small dreams that would later contribute to what we would truly want to be. This is what happened to Attorney Steven A. Wolvek. In junior college, Mr. Wolvek  wanted to be a swim coach or a veterinarian. He strengthened his skills by coaching swimming teams in the competitive water sports scene. On weekends, he worked at a vet clinic. However, his girlfriend back then was adamant in getting the better things in life and insisted that he should either be a doctor or a lawyer. Since blood and guts are really not his thing, he went into law. 

Sadly they broke up, he dropped out, and decided to reevaluate everything. He went back to law school but this time, he did it for himself and for the right reason: he wanted to help people. Mr. Wolvek finally received his Juris Doctor in 1988 and formed the Law Offices of Steven A. Wolvek in 1990. 

He attributes his success to the fact that he had mentors guiding him when he began his legal career. “Mentorship programs should be mandatory in law school or in any field,” he suggested. “Without a mentor you will never learn all the little secrets of your trade. There are two ways you can learn something. Go out there and make all the mistakes yourself or learn from someone else who’s made those mistakes and will tell you how to avoid them.”

Inspiration For His Accomplishments

A non-profit group connected to the United States Bankruptcy Court honored Attorney Steven A. Wolvek for his exemplary work in the field of bankruptcy litigation. He had donated his time as a volunteer attorney through Public Counsel. He has also taken cases of those who were facing bankruptcy litigation who could not afford to hire an attorney. 

One thing that sets him apart is his willingness to talk to his clients and making sure that they deal with him directly, not his secretary or paralegal. He makes an effort to answer all his client’s questions no matter how trivial and doesn’t charge them by the hour just for talking to them. He understands his clients predicament so he doesn’t want to add more financial stress to them.

These conscious choices demonstrate that he is not just a lawyer, but a human being who cannot ignore the needs of another human being. On top of that, he is a dedicated individual who, once has found his calling, will dedicate his time and efforts to it. Aside from recognitions, Mr. Wolvek had also been a guest speaker at law schools, bar associations and has spoken at several Real Estate offices educating ragents in bankruptcy and foreclosure law.

Picking an attorney is the most important thing clients will do in their legal life so pick someone that you really feel comfortable with.

Steven Wolvek, Law Offices of Steven A. Wolvek

Attorney Wolvek And LegalMatch

The Law Offices of Steven A. Wolvek and LegalMatch have been working together in reaching out to clients who are in need of legal counsel or legal assistance. He has used a few referral-based programs in the past but he noticed that a lot of them don’t prescreen people who are looking for legal services, which is something LegalMatch routinely does.  

Other services only provide the name and contact number of potential clients, but are inaccurate most of the time. There are even those who ask questions that are outside of the lawyer’s practice area. With LegalMatch, the screening process is effective, so Mr. Wolvek can really see a clear picture of the client’s needs and issues. 

This results to a higher number of clients getting matched to a lawyer who can really help. He considers LegalMatch as one of the best programs for lawyers who are trying to connect with people who needs legal services and is the absolute best value for the dollar that exists on the market today.

Any Advice to Potential Clients?

Mr. Wolvek wrote a whole blog post just to guide people in need of legal assistance on how to pick the right attorney. He noted a couple of things that they should look for. First, he believes that people shouldn’t be charged to get legal advice. “If the attorney is more interested in charging you for that initial consultation than providing the information, then it’s a telltale sign of how it’s going to be during their course of representation”. 

Second, there are no sure things in life so the attorney should present all the potential sides of the coin. They should be able to tell you all the potential outcomes and let you know where they think you have your best chance. 

Third, make sure that the attorney has a written fee agreement. If you’re utilizing email to communicate with your attorney, make sure it has an email authorization because emails are not usually encrypted. They can violate your attorney-client privilege. 

Lastly, make sure you’re talking to the attorney, not the paralegal or secretary. It’s the attorney who’s going to represent you, so it’s important to get a good feel for that person. They should be someone who is capable of  guiding you through a strange situation and has a good idea of the road ahead. He stressed, “picking an attorney is the most important thing clients will do in their legal life so pick someone that you really feel comfortable with.”

Reviews (4)
  • Posted by Bryan Finney Jul 21, 2019

    Overall experience with this lawyer was above reproach. Steve contacted me the same day and listened to my story. Immediately he expressed a calm controlled concern on many areas. After reviewing the papers I was handed he quickly drafted a 4 page response articulating every concern of mine concicely. He is very easy to talk to and immediately calls back if he is unable to answer. In court he is stern and in control at every turn and tells you what is happening at all times. Due to his forward thinking, the judge denied my wife's request to change custody at the first hearing and left her attorney stumbling and making silly excuses. His prices are what I expect of an exceptional attorney. This is a lawyer you want on your side, never against you. Thank you Steve.

  • Posted by Tammy Pringle Apr 05, 2019
  • Posted by Michelle Apodaca May 17, 2018

    Steve is great! I didn't feel rushed what so ever when discussing my case. He kept me calm on court date and as we still have time to work together I feel confident having him by my side. He's professional in the court room. I'm happy to have him fight for us. So far, everything is working out to our benefit.

  • Posted by Michelle Apodaca May 08, 2018
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