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Every day, we come across thousands of people who are fighting battles that we do not see. There are different struggles in life and sometimes they require a legal ally. The Mandel Law firm, a reputable law firm in midtown Manhattan, is dedicated to helping those who need an ally and in assisting individuals who are going through divorce and other issues involving family law.

About The Mandel Law Firm

The Mandel Law Firm provides various legal services that involve family law such as divorce; child support; child custody and visitation; spousal support; paternity issues; domestic violence; LGBTQ family law; and any other issue covered by family law. 

The founder, Steven J. Mandel, takes pride in the way he and his fellow attorneys handle trial cases. These New York lawyers are aggressive in court, but they also understand that some cases are suitable for a carefully negotiated resolution before proceeding to a trial. They handle matters in a calm, yet confident demeanor even in the toughest situations. That said, many of their clients refer to them as “badass” lawyers. The Mandel Law Firm accepts cases in the New York, Westchester, and Long Island area.

When clients come to visit The Mandel Law Firm, they will not feel neglected. Steve Mandel makes an effort to introduce himself to every potential or new client whenever he’s in the office. He considers his office as his home and all clients are guests. The lawyers of The Mandel Law Firm understand that their clients are dealing with difficult situations and that they need to feel welcome, secure, and protected. 

Rising Career Of Mandel

For some, lawyers may often be labeled as strict and serious professionals who will downright sue you even for the most trivial things. In reality, there are a lot of lawyers who take their work seriously but at the same time possess wit and a great sense of humor. Steven J. Mandel, the founder of the Mandel Law Firm, is one of those lawyers and has been practicing law since 1980. 

Mr. Mandel was first inspired to be a lawyer in high schoo,l where the environment was tough, almost like it came straight out of a Harper Lee novel. He has an innate desire to help others, which is why he pursued law. To make his way through law school, Mr. Mandel worked as a standup comedian. That experience has been instrumental in his success as a trial attorney because it taught him how to relate to an audience, including a judge and jury. 

After graduating from Law School, Steve got a job in a prestigious law firm, where his job was to sort legal papers in the back room. He was miserable because that was not how he envisioned himself to be and certainly not the reason why he went to law school. He wanted to help people with real life problems. 

So he quit his job, bought an IBM selectric typewriter and rented a booth at a flea market. He sat there every weekend in his three-piece suit, giving out free legal advice to anybody who passed by. Finally, people got to know him and when they had a legal problem, they didn’t hesitate to go to him. 

To accommodate his growing practice, he opened an actual law office in Brooklyn. In the 1990’s, Mr. Mandel, together with his secretary and an associate lawyer, made the big move to Manhattan. Now, fifteen people work for him and they are one of the preeminent law firms in New York. 

Mr. Mandel takes pride in being a part of the advisory board of the American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators where he is one of the few who can handle high net worth divorce cases effectively. He has also been nationally recognized as one of the Top 100 Lawyers in the United States, as well as being chosen to be a co-chair of the Matrimonial Section of the Bar Association.

They've given me clients who have done their homework. They understand when they come to my office what they are going to see. I have to say probably ninety-five percent of my LegalMatch clients who come into my office and hire us actually retain us because they have a sense, before they come in, of what they're coming into. They've actually pre-screened themselves.

Steven Mandel, The Mandel Law Firm

Any Advice for New Lawyers?

Steven Mandel also offers some practical advice to those lawyers who are just starting out. For him, family law is the most difficult area of law because you’re dealing with people in their extremes. You deal with good people often acting at their worst, so it emotionally becomes very difficult. You have to be a person who’s empathetic and caring but you can’t be a sponge for your client’s emotions or you won’t be able to function. 

Also, in law, you have to be intellectually curious and not limit your knowledge to just family law. You have to know other areas of law that impact on people’s lives. This is why Mr. Mandel spends considerable time continuing his education outside of his discipline because for him, everything that goes on in the world affects people’s marriages. He believes that being in family law is a calling. It’s not just something that you can dabble in. You have to be truly committed and you have to decide if that’s the life you want.

When asked what contributed the most to his success, he stressed the importance of being nice to his clients, colleagues, and even his adversaries. He cares, shows respect, and works hard at the same time. He believes that in the legal system, we are all in this together. 

He also tries to remain humble, despite the large number of awards and accolades he has accumulated through the years. He doesn’t need to boast of his achievements because his clients are the living testaments of his skill as an attorney. They put their complete trust and confidence in Mr. Mandel and have a lot of nice things to say about him as a lawyer and as a person.

Mandel And LegalMatch

A top lawyer like Steven Mandel of The Mandel Law Firm highly recommends the services of LegalMatch. LegalMatch innovates software and technologies that help bridge the gap between clients and A-class lawyers in the United States. It can be difficult for individuals to find the perfect lawyer that would match their case, and LegalMatch solves just that. As a matter of fact, LegalMatch has helped over 5 million clients through the years.

Mr. Mandel has this to say about LegalMatch, “They’ve given me clients who have done their homework. They understand when they come to my office what they are going to see. I have to say probably ninety-five percent of my LegalMatch clients who come into my office and hire us actually retain us because they have a sense, before they come in, of what they’re coming into. They’ve actually pre-screened themselves.”

If you are struggling with a serious family law problem or thinking about filing for divorce, The Mandel Law Firm can help you pursue a favorable solution. Contact them for a consultation today.


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