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The Law Offices of Schneider and Stone is one of the best resources when it comes to bankruptcy. In fact, much of their work focuses on chapter 7, 13, and 11 bankruptcies. But while they deal with all levels of bankruptcy, partners Ben Schneider and Motty Stone also do general commercial litigation, transactional work for business clients, divorce, estate planning, will and trusts, and probate.

These attorneys are skilled at chapter 7 bankruptcies, which deals with individual petitions and chapter 11’s, for business reorganization as well as rehabilitation petitions. On top of that, the law firm also tackles Chapter 13, which deals with wage earners’ plans.  But their experience goes beyond the bankruptcy courts.

Bankruptcy is a federal statute brought in federal court, but there are states that may pass laws about related issues federal law does not address. This is one of the important aspects that would-be clients have to consider before selecting an attorney to handle their case. Aside from the basic budget and paperwork aspects of a bankruptcy case, bankruptcy attorneys often have to be familiar with a variety of state-law issues such as child support, real estate or corporate law.  Schneider & Stone’s diverse practice areas allow them an extra advantage when state law issues arise in bankruptcy courts.

According to partner Ben Schneider, the firm serves clients within Cook County, Illinois, which includes the City of Chicago.  But while its main office is located in Skokie, Illinois, it also caters to clients living in the adjacent counties like Kane, Lake, DuPage, Kendall, and Will.  The Law Offices of Schneider and Stone serve the greater Chicago area, so they also offer satellite meeting rooms for clients in Schaumburg and Warrenville, for easy access to legal consultations.

Availability of the lawyer handling your case can be just as important as experience.  Wasted time driving to a law office can take its toll on your life outside the bankruptcy and the numerous deadlines in the bankruptcy process make time of the essence.  Schneider & Stone maintain their satellite offices to ease this burden, and they also help clients by making information available by phone, mail, email or fax.

This client-focused firm believes that cultivating personal relationship with every client is imperative in order to create a smooth process and analysis of every legal issue. It also allows the firm to get to the people behind the legal issue, and the personal stories that have led to their clients seeking legal help. This behavior makes for a thorough and complete conduct of a successful case; whether it be bankruptcy or any other of the firm’s practice areas.


[We] are both very good at talking to people and helping them [..] understand [the] complete situation they find themselves in and to make smart decisions based on that situation. We help people and we don’t sugar coat things. People come in and we give practical solutions; if it doesn’t make sense to litigate, then we don’t litigate…[We take] complicated legal issues and boil them down to something that anybody can understand and work with.

Schneider and Stone, The Law Offices of Schneider and Stone

The firm of Schneider and Stone have years of combined experience in the practice of law. For those who need legal assistance, Schneider and Stone is clearly a good place to start.

Searching for the best law firm to handle your case involves a lot of consideration which clients don’t always know to include. These considerations are what can make a case successful. In most stressful and time-pressed situations, clients would spend more than the appropriate amount to pay for good legal assistance teams.

With that being said you should know that the lawyer’s expertise in a particular field can change the outcome of your case. You should ask about the lawyer’s rate of success, and to add that question to your checklist to make sure you are facing your problems with a firm that can provide you with positive results.

Another very important aspect is the lawyer’s attitude and approach to you and the case itself. Rapport and cooperation between you and your lawyer is often the key to success. This relationship makes it easier to deal with any legal issue and to tackle it in the most productive way.

Legal cases need to be addressed by experts and with the best persons to guide you throughout the process, there is nothing more you can think about but wait for the best result to come.

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  • Posted by GEORGE RUMACHIK Jul 10, 2019

    Waiting for final outcome.

  • Posted by Jim Prebis May 12, 2019
  • Posted by Barbara Cobarrubia Jan 24, 2019
  • Posted by Margaret Watts Jan 22, 2019

    Ben and whole office are unusually warm and responsive. They really care. I am so glad his name popped up. He also communicates outside office hours when needed. Impressive!

  • Posted by Kevin Lacey Jun 13, 2018
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