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Sara E. Wasserstrom: Law and Mediation Specialist

Problems like divorce can take its toll on clients and more often than not, a person can suffer if the lawyer they hired is not able to provide what they promised.

With high expectations on the part of the client, it is easy to say that there is a need to look for the list of qualities the lawyer should have. So even if you have a short list of lawyers, do you know how to pick the right lawyer for your particular case? 

While you can rely on referrals and suggestions from friends are not hard to come by, it isn’t easy to determine whether the lawyer has the skills you need.

Sara E. Wasserstrom

Sara E. Wassertrom knows that every divorce case has the tendency to get messy, if it’s not already messy due to the circumstances of the case. She firmly believes that lawyers must do their best to handle the personal concerns of each client and that their confidentiality and care must reach the highest standards. 

Divorce, as part of family law, can push clients to a breaking point; in some cases these individuals tend to hit an all-time low. When this happens, there is often a huge downpour of emotions.  

Ms. Wasserstrom started her career as a practicing attorney in 1983, which means she is a 35-year veteran in the field of law practice. Her areas of practice have always emphasized family law.  She established her own law firm at the end of 1995 and since then has exclusively handled only family law matters.

The desire to volunteer and help individuals in the community has always been in the mind of Ms. Wasserstrom. She became a volunteer mediator at the central Los Angeles courthouse and has also volunteered at the Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law. The Center focuses on offering free legal assistance to those who cannot afford hiring an attorney and empowers people living along or below poverty line by providing free legal education. 


Ms. Wasserstrom’s father is also an attorney and she believes that her father had a lot of influence in her choosing the same career as she mentions him as a source of inspiration. She also has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, as she felt it would help her work alongside different types of people. 

As she was focused on helping people, it seemed clear that family law was a good way to go. Prior to deciding on specializing in family law, she debated whether or not she should focus on criminal law. But then, her psychology background and the interest in helping people made her stick to family law, as it means mediation will be a key part of practice and is a task that she excels in. 


The Law and Mediation Offices of Sara E. Wasserstrom deals with divorce mediation and litigation, which includes: pre-nuptial and co-habitation agreements; out-of-court settlements; collaborative and uncontested divorce cases, as well as litigated divorce cases; and legal separation, paternity, child custody. 

It also assists in division of assets, spousal support, restraining orders, and protection from abuse. Child custody, paternity cases, child support, and grandparents’ rights are also some of the strong points of the firm.

Cases such as these do not need to be a hard battle or difficult for the involved parties. This is the reason why, for the most part, Ms. Wasserstrom suggests that people should try to settle their legal differences as opposed to fighting it out in court. This is usually better for all parties involved and tends to be less stressful than a trial. This is why legal guidance from a qualified professional can ultimately help you resolve issues before they become too stressful and difficult to manage. 

Be as responsive to your clients as you can. Sometimes, you also have to separate yourself from your clients a little bit and not get too caught up in their stress because it could be stressful for you as well.

Sara Wasserstrom, Law And Mediation Offices Of Sara Wasserstrom

On Being Successful

Ms. Wasserstrom thinks that being responsive to her clients is what makes her a successful legal practitioner. She takes time to listen and acts to meet their needs. She believes that people who are in difficult situations need people who can take time to explain the issues and provide solutions. 

But these solutions do not need to be harsh or outwardly hurtful on both parties. If there is a chance to resolve legal matters in a more humane and amicable way, then the Law Offices of Sara E. Wasserstrom is there to help. She finds fulfillment when she can help provide her clients with the result they always wanted.

As advice to new attorneys she wants to encourage them to “be as responsive to your clients as you can. Sometimes, you also have to separate yourself from your clients a little bit and not get too caught up in their stress because it could be stressful for you as well.”

Responding to those who posted their legal issues in LegalMatch has also helped her evaluate more cases and possible clients. 

One piece of advice she wanted to share with those who submit their case to LegalMatch is to check their inbox for responses from lawyers who wanted to help them in their case. Lawyers often try to reach out if they think they can help with the case, so it would help speed up the progress of the case if those waiting for legal help can readily respond.

Accessible Location

Serving the entire Los Angeles County, the Law and Mediation Offices of Sara E. Wasserstrom is located at 11845 West Olympic Boulevard Suite 1245. It serves clients located mainly in West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Torrance in the South Los Angeles.

Aside from these locations, it also caters to the northern valley region, Beverly Hills, and Culver City which are situated mostly along the Western Los Angeles County.

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