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Neil Gingold: Aiming to Put a Stop to Festering Legal Issues

How long does it take you to find a lawyer for a legal issue that has been bothering you for a while? The longer it takes you to consult with one, the more complicated it will be in solving your case.

Looking for legal assistance as quickly as possible, once there is a pending legal issue, is incredibly important. Some issues appear trivial in the beginning, but can develop complications over time that may be difficult to solve.

Cases can be aggravated by circumstances that may come up while it is still not clear on how to even begin. The waiting before deciding on how to resolve the issues provides a window of opportunity for rival attorneys to draft winning strategies. There are key strategies that can be found in each case and smart lawyers are good at finding them.

But how can you tell that you are talking to the right attorney? What are the best qualities of a good lawyer most especially if that lawyer is just a referral or just starting to practice law?

The Difference Between Legal Expertise and Good Advertising

Lawyers are getting better at using advertising as a tool to generate more clients, but not all of them are able to deliver their promises to their clients. What is the point of advertising yourself if you do not have the expertise to back it up? Experience and training is what makes a lawyer successful, but advertising correctly will help them find the right clients.

Neil M. Gingold, Attorney

The owner of the Neil M. Gingold, Attorney law firm in Fayetteville, NY sees this problem as one of the most common issues for those facing different kinds of trouble. The best step you can take for your legal issue is to find the right lawyer to help you.

“Justice delayed is justice denied” is a cliché that serves to remind both plaintiffs and defendants. Delayed “solutions” may just warrant accompanying matters that could undoubtedly thicken hazy situations.

According to Mr. Gingold, a veteran of 48 years in law practice, the sooner you get assistance, then the better off you’re going to be. It depends on what type of referral service you would use to find the right one. Contacting an association or a Lawyer Referral Service with several lawyers on hand may be just what you need. Obtaining some advice, representation, or assistance early on is a better option than hiring someone to do the job later.

The Gingold Specialty

With almost five decades of law practice, Mr. Gingold has dealt with cases focusing on environmental law, business transactions, real property, and municipal and zoning issues. He has, in the past catered to clients in a multitude of legal problems, including divorce issues, corporate and individual bankruptcies, and from commercial lease cases to taxation. He has dealt with it all.

Neil Gingold comes from a family of law practitioners and has represented people in different environmental area cases which includes developers and governmental agencies looking to develop power plants. The Onondaga County Bar Association, with an estimated 1,500 strong members, has recognized the services and stellar performance of Mr. Gingold in the field of law.

Neil is one of the few attorneys who practiced environmental law for more than forty years. He is a certified AV+ Preeminent, the highest recognition as rated by the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings System. On top of that, he was also conferred as a Super Lawyer in environmental law in New York.

With his years of experience and awards, he has obtained a broad understanding of inter-relationships in various areas; most importantly he focuses on how these aspects interact and impact each other. He believes that legal specialists should see things from a wide range of perspectives and not only myopically-focused on the areas of law they specialize on.


LegalMatch provides a consultation service, which I think is good for the attorney and the prospective client to get a set of facts that they really can't set forth in a short little outline of their problem

Neil Gingold

Law Firm Location

Clients’ locations are never a problem for Mr. Gingold. He finds time to go over where his clients are to ask questions, face-to-face, regarding matters related to their cases. This makes for more solid communication, unlike other lawyers who are not really concerned if they see their clients on a regular basis or not.

His law firm is located at 5178 Winterton Drive in Fayetteville, NY 13066 but has an auxiliary office in downtown Syracuse that serves nearby client locations. Mr. Gingold services counties in upstate New York area east of Rochester, as far east up the area of Albany, and up towards the Northern New York.

He also serves clients located on the southern tier of Binghamton area. In the end, Mr. Gingold makes himself available and accessible where clients’ needs are concerned, which is a strength that is fundamental to his personality and professional practice. All of this is made more possible by becoming a member of the LegalMatch network.

The Benefits of LegalMatch

When asked what the advantages are in being a LegalMatch member, he stated, “LegalMatch provides a consultation service, which I think is good for the attorney and the prospective client to get a set of facts that they really can’t set forth in a short little outline of their problem”. He added that he would recommend LegalMatch to fellow attorneys because he thinks LegalMatch is a good service and has been working well for him.

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