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All children’s rights ought to be protected, but particularly the most vulnerable; children with special needs. Kaeser Law Firm (KLF), a notably dynamic and conscientious law firm in Southern California, specializes in representing children with mental and physical disabilities in the educational system. 

Kelly D. Kaeser, Esq., the firm’s principal, doesn’t just take a case to resolution, he and his team at KLF help empower parents from all over Southern California to learn and understand that parents have rights that they may not be aware of and that knowing and speaking up for the rights of their children is the most valuable tool in successfully advocating for their child with special needs. 

KLF services include corresponding with school districts, attending IEPs, obtaining a child’s school files, requesting evaluation or IEP meeting, reviewing evaluations and other documents and records, filing Due Process complaints, representation at administrative hearings and other services tailored to address a child’s unique academic and functional needs. 

Another service of KLF includes special needs planning such as protecting a child’s public benefits and planning for a disabled loved one’s future with Special Needs Trusts and crafting Educational Rights Holder documents, among other documents. 

Early Career of Kelly D. Kaeser

Prior to practicing law for over 15 years, Kelly was fortunate to be born in a household with an open supportive environment that encouraged hard work and a continuing quest for knowledge. His love for reading and furthering his education always had the support of his mother, who is a retired school teacher. His focus and drive are traits influenced by his father, a determined and successful businessman. 

Though there are many important influences that inspired him to become the lawyer that he is today, his parents have always been his constant and unwavering cheerleaders. When Kelly went to law school, he took with him his developed interest in the equality of individuals in society and social injustice. It was inevitable that Kelly’s first litigation experience with a well-respected firm was in its employment discrimination group.  

Ultimately, however, there was a turning point in his life that made him specialize in fighting for the educational rights of students with special needs. His second daughter was born with a disability and his experiences in going through the Individual Educational Plan process awakened him to this area of law which he previously had no idea even existed. That watershed moment of researching federal law in this area steered him to make a singularly focused practice choice dedicated to protecting the legal rights of students with disabilities.

Recognition and Accomplishments

Kelly founded the Kaeser Law firm, a modern law firm devoted to helping parents plan to achieve the best quality of life for their child’s special needs. It also helps parents and families go through the process of obtaining a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). They help parents understand the legal tools that can be used to protect assets and preserve eligibility for government programs like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and MediCal. 

Kelly is an attorney member of various associations like the Council of Parent Attorneys & Advocates (COPAA), the California Association for Parent-Child Advocacy (CAPCA), and the Academy of Special Needs Planners (ASNP) to name a few. He serves on the Autism Society of Ventura County’s board of director’s Executive Committee and provides presentations throughout the county regarding IEP procedures and how to create a productive teamwork environment in IEP meetings.

For those attorneys who are just starting out in their career, Mr. Kaeser wants to share that being successful starts with having the heart to be an advocate for those in need. He advises, “that you let go of the preconceived notions of who an attorney is supposed to be and focus on who and what you want to passionately advocate for and that is where you will find your heart in the law and advocacy. If you have that heart in your advocacy, you’re more likely going to be successful, and more importantly, compensated in a holistic way that rises above self-indulgence.”


When it came time for me to start my own firm, my biggest fear was that I wouldn't have clients and so quickly, LegalMatch provided the security I needed to resolve that issue and move forward to focus on managing the issues that come with having an extended client list.

Kelly Kaeser, Kaeser Law Firm

KLF And LegalMatch

The first obstacle for lawyers who are just starting their own law firm is obtaining clients who have needs that they can solve. Through the assistance of LegalMatch, lawyers can easily find quality clients. Mr. Kaeser has this to say about LegalMatch, “When it came time for me to start my own firm, my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t have clients and so quickly, LegalMatch provided the security I needed to resolve that issue and move forward to focus on managing the issues that come with having an extended client list.”

Apart from LegalMatch giving Mr. Kaeser a solid clientele, what makes him successful in his field is his empathy towards his clients. He stressed, “I understand the struggle of parents raising a child with a disability and sometimes what appears to be a tsunami of opposition everywhere you turn. My wife and I understand what it’s like to be on the outside of society raising a child through the public school system and what other parents are going through; It’s a lot. We understand the struggle well, the indescribable frustrations as well as the unique joys.”

Kaeser Law Firm is dedicated to advocating for the education rights of your child with special needs. If you need legal assistance, legal advice, or a legal representation for your child, contact Kaeser Law Firm.


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