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Divorce can result in countless unpleasant emotions like anger, turmoil, anxiety, and grief to all the parties involved. Pain seems intolerable when it involves the people closest to us. Smith & Sturdivant, LLLC, a law firm in downtown Honolulu, is focused on helping couples that are experiencing emotional stress during a divorce.

About Smith & Sturdivant, LLLC

In 2005, Smith & Sturdivant, LLLC was founded by Mr. Justin L. Sturdivant and his founding partner Mr. Smith. This Honolulu law firm handles a variety of cases that involve family law such as divorce, child custody, temporary restraining orders, alimony, property division, paternity, guardianship, child protective services, mediation, and adoption. Clients from Honolulu can come to Smith & Sturdivant, LLLC whenever they are in need of legal advice or representation regarding family disputes.

Meet Justin Sturdivant

As a young boy, Justin Sturdivant was always in awe on how the law can shape a society and how lawyers have the power to do so – starting from famous lawyers in history textbooks to his uncle who practices law. It was fortunate for the young Sturdivant to be exposed to these things at an early age. 

Mr. Sturdivant graduated with B.A. in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin in 2002. After graduation, he moved to Honolulu to attend school at the University of Hawaii, and graduated with a Juris Doctor. In his legal practice, he was recognized for his pro bono work when he volunteered with Legal Services Hawaii.

Hunger for experience is the main contributor to the success of Mr. Justin Sturdivant. For him, if he has a passion for something, then he has to pursue it and enrich himself through gaining experience. Passion, experience, hard-work, gratitude, and self-improvement led Mr. Sturdivant to be a catalyst of hope and a relief to his clients. 

He believes that without those values, a person cannot attain success. Mr. Sturdivant advises new and upcoming lawyers to expect heavy work. He adds that if you’re not working enough, then you probably aren’t doing it right. The benefits, the perks, the actual expertise, and the ability to help people come from the cumulative years of work and dedication. 

Mr. Sturdivant’s experience in the legal industry is the biggest factor for his success because his court appearances are what taught him the most – from internalizing court policies to communicating with the judge. But experience alone is not enough. He added that you have to have diligence and the desire to improve in your profession, so it is important to still continue educating yourself. 

Mr. Sturdivant also is very particular with the type of service he gives to his clients. He considers his clients the top priority in every case, regardless of their financial stature. His firm may be selective on who they take, but it is only because they want to make sure that they have the resources and time to achieve their client’s goals. The client is the focus and being able to achieve what the clients want is Mr. Sturdivant’s goal.

Despite being able to represent his clients in court, he still wants his clients and those going through family issues to not lose sight of the tools available to fix a problem. The court is only one of the tools, but there is also mediation and in the case of a divorce, managing the relationship with the other person and put aside personal hurt feelings for the sake of any children involved. He always stresses that the court is a tool but it doesn’t fix people involved.

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Justin Sturdivant, Smith & Sturdivant, LLLC

Sturdivant And LegalMatch

Family law attorneys like Justin Sturdivant seek to make the process of family disputes bearable and eventually lead to peace of mind and happiness. LegalMatch also has the same vision as Mr. Sturdivant. Through the years, LegalMatch has helped countless individuals, families, and businesses in finding the right lawyer to help them resolve their cases. 

LegalMatch helps bridge the gap between top US lawyers and clients who are having a hard time finding the perfect legal professional through the innovation of software and technologies. Sturdivant and all other lawyers in the country highly recommend the good service of LegalMatch – both to lawyers and to clients.

He stated, “LegalMatch connects client’s…to the attorneys who can help them. This is important because I’m not getting calls for assistance and things that I’m not either able or interested in helping”. He stressed that this is the main advantage of being an attorney member of LegalMatch. He added, “LegalMatch funnels people with legal needs to attorneys that can help them.”

Are you currently residing in Hawaii and considering a divorce or going through a tough time with family disputes? Contact Smith & Sturdivant, LLLC today.

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