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James A. Palmer’s, Attorney and Law

When problems arise at home, our peace of mind and security becomes threatened. James A. Palmer, Attorney at Law, helps people resolve their family legal problems and enjoy the peace and comfort that we all seek and need.
Jim Palmer understands that it is often extremely stressful to be experiencing problems related to family members, such as your spouse, children, parents, or grandchildren.

Clients in Eugene, Springfield, and Lane County as well,  who wish legal assistance regarding family law make their way to Mr. Palmer’s office. With a wide experience in the field of law, Mr. Palmer has helped numerous clients with cases involving divorce, child custody, spousal support, marital property division, child support, parenting time schedules, and all other matters under family law.

James A. Palmer’s, Attorney and Law, Extensive Background

Since 1975, Mr. Palmer has been serving the public by representing them in court and resolving legal matters. Before this family-centered attorney became what he is today, he first studied at the University of Oregon, in Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, History, and other subjects of the social sciences, to develop a broad background for service to clients.

Mr. Palmer then, over years of practice, gained experience and a preference for family law as a practice area. Part of what strengthened Mr. Palmer’s experience and skill in family law was his involvement in juvenile defense cases early in his career. Mr. Palmer developed a passion for legal family matters that pertain to parent-child ties, and has advocated for clients at all levels of the Oregon courts, including the Supreme Court of Oregon.

The Importance of Reputation and Work Ethic

Despite being one of the top lawyers in his field of practice, Mr. Palmer is naturally sympathetic to his clients. He understands how difficult it is to go through a family dispute. So he makes sure to provide an understanding of the law that applies, an explanation of procedures of the courts, direct yet gentle advice, and guidance to his clients.

When asked what defined his success as a lawyer, Mr. Palmer stated, “My rapport with clients and my approach in explaining the system to them, interpreting the law for them, and educating them about how the process works so that they understand what the process is and why it works the way it does”, for him, these are crucial factors that makes his practice successful. Clients often comment that they had never had those matters explained before in an understandable way.

My rapport with clients and my approach in explaining the system to them, interpreting the law for them, and educating them about how the process works so that they understand what the process is and why it works the way it does

James A. Palmer, James A. Palmer, Attorney At Law

Mr. Palmer’s Experience with LegalMatch

A reputable family attorney like Mr. Palmer works with LegalMatch to reach out to a wider community. LegalMatch gives him exposure to a broader range of clientele. It is convenient and helpful for Mr. Palmer to use LegalMatch because he is able to receive some initial details on each individual client’s needs.
This allows Mr. Palmer to confidently make an initial assessment about a case and client, what their legal needs are, and what legal steps they need to take in order to resolve their case.
Mr. Palmer understands that family matters are important and should be handled with care. Therefore, he makes it a point to be attentive to his clients’ needs and responds to them promptly. He wants to assure his clients that he is the lawyer they can trust during the difficult and stressful moments of their family struggles.

He knows the importance of hiring a lawyer they can trust, thus he helps his clients understand their needs and how he can help. If there is one piece of advice he can give to the general public, it would be to address their legal concerns with a lawyer, because he knows how daunting it is to go to court without an attorney to represent them. It is increasingly common to talk with people who have gone to court believing they would “just tell their story, and it would come out fine.” However, that is a naive and dangerous misunderstanding of our system, and can easily result in very poor outcomes. Talk to a lawyer first, and have a direct talk about why legal help is necessary.

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