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A Respected Persian Bankruptcy Lawyer In California

Want to settle company debt or perhaps recover damages from an accident? Soleimanian Law is here to help you.

For 23 years, Attorney Hamid Soleimanian had been practicing law in various fields, and his areas of specialization are Bankruptcy and Personal Injury. Just recently, Soleimanian received recognition being asked to serve as a temporary judge for Los Angeles County.

Both American and Farsi-speaking clients from all over LA County, Orange County, and Ventura County are confident in him as he has proven to have very high success rate in bankruptcy and personal injury cases.

Early Years, Before Practicing Law

Before becoming a respected top lawyer in the state of California, Soleimanian started his studies way back in 1979 in the National University of Iran. After college, he moved to California where he developed his passion for the law. After overcoming many challenges giving him a greater appreciation for the needs of his clients, he received  his J.D. in 1995.

His motivation for becoming a lawyer was not all rainbows and sunshine. Before he went to law school, Mr. Soleimanian got into a car accident and needed a lawyer to represent him in court. He was impressed with the lawyer’s work, knowledge, and competencies that he wanted to become a lawyer as well. The incident then became his inspiration and eventually the turning point for his future career.


In 20 years, I have 100% success rate in all my cases and my personal injury cases, they result in a very good testament for my clients so that by itself is the reason that I get my business from my previous clients.

Hamid Soleimanian, Law Office of Hamid Soleimanian

High Points in His Legal Career

Mr. Soleimanian understands that with his help, his clients can live more fulfilled lives by being relieved from their legal problems. Mr. Soleimanian takes pride in his success as a lawyer. His drive for success is pushed by the satisfaction he feels after helping a client, especially those who don’t have the courage to stand up for their legal rights.

Hamid Soleimanian has been honored with the Amjure Award for Lawyering Skills and Practicum. He is both fluent in English and Farsi, which allows him to cater to the local Persian Community. He finds this sets him apart from the other lawyers, as he is a member of the Persian Community and speaks the language fluently.

He is an active member of the California State Bar Association. He also served on the Board of Directors for the non profit organization ARM (Advanced Research Myopathies) whose objective is to find a cure for the HIBM muscle disorder, also known as Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy.

Any Advice for Future Lawyers?

Attorney Soleimanian has mentored quite a few individuals who then became successful in each of their endeavors including individuals who needed encouragement to pursue law, fresh graduates from law school, as well as everyday people who wish to stand up for their rights.

One bit of his advice to clients, based on real-life experience from a previous personal injury case, is to be watchful for any mold in the place where you live (especially if you have a baby). If you acquired respiratory problems due to mold exposure in your rented apartment, you should immediately notify the landlord by writing a formal letter and request remedial measures to be taken.

If the landlord does not take any action, you can take action without their help. If this will cause issues between you and the landlord, then it is best to call a lawyer before you take any steps. Health issues are serious matters that need to be dealt with seriously. A personal injury lawyer can advise you of your rights and what legal actions you need to take to remedy the situation right away.

Facing enormous company debts or facing personal injury disputes is stressful, but Hamid Soleimanian, Esq. is here to help you recover losses and live the life you’ve always wanted. Schedule a consultation today!

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