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One of the most emotional legal disputes is the one where loved ones are involved. Those disputes may occur in forms of divorce, separation, child custody, and appellate. Sandlin Family Law Group, a law firm in North Carolina, is knowledgeable and zealous in handling these delicate cases.

About Sandlin Family Law Group

For over a combined 30 years, the attorneys at Sandlin Family Law Group have represented individuals, couples, and families all over the State of North Carolina. Their team of attorneys handle cases involving appeals, divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, assets division, grandparent visitation, adoption, and all other family law casesmatters.

Sandlin Family Law Group aims to be advocates for those who are experiencing extreme distress due to family disputes. Family matters can be difficult to navigate which is why they use their wide experience and knowledge to help, along with their empathy to better understand each of their clients’ needs. 

The Sandlin Family Law Group offers full services when it comes to issues that encompass family law, whether they be meditation or litigation. They have experience with the beginning of a case all the way to the appellate process.  They understand what needs to happen at every step of the way. 

It is their core belief that a lawyer should be compassionate yet firm – not one that will simply tell you what you want to hear, but will listen to your story, gather information, and then give you all of the possible outcomes to your problem.

Meet Deborah Sandlin

Little girls, when asked what they want to be when they grow up, tend to give you answers like nurses, teachers, or singers. Deborah Sandlin, on the other hand, always had dreams of being a lawyer. That wide-eyed first-grader who used to watch a legal drama called Perry Mason on CBS, is now the founder and managing attorney of the Sandlin Family Law Group. 

Ms. Sandlin has earned the reputation of being tenacious,truthful and honest in her work, with her peers and with the judges. If there can only be one thing that clients like about her, it is her ability to listen and pay attention to details carefully. Clients who come to Ms. Sandlin for advice can expect to feel like they are cared for. She makes them understand that fighting a legal battle is a marathon, not a sprint race so it is very important to be patient.

Ms. Sandlin received her B.A. in Political Science from Eastern Kentucky University in 1985.  She then graduated from North Carolina Central University Law School, summa cum laude, in 1998. Later on, she has limited her practice to family law, adoption, appellate advocacy, collaborative law, mediation and arbitration.   Ms. Sandlin is one of only three attorneys in North Carolina who has been certified as a specialist in both the areas of appellate and family law and one of only two attorneys in North Carolina certified in both areas who litigates family law matters and represents clients through the appellate process.  

For many years, Debbie has been nominated and included in Super Lawyers, Top Women Lawyers In North Carolina, and the Best Lawyers in America. Because of her untarnished reputation, a lot of new lawyers look up to her and she has been a mentor to several young attorneys and continues to do this on a regular basis. 

If there’s one piece of advice she can give to a new attorney, it would be to protect their reputation as if it is the only thing they are going to have. She said, “Never let the integrity of your judgement be influenced by something that will tarnish that reputation. You need to hold on to that reputation and do what is right because that is what is expected of you and that’s the oath that we take to become an attorney.”

Never let the integrity of your judgement be influenced by something that will tarnish that reputation. You need to hold on to that reputation and do what is right because that is what is expected of you and that's the oath that we take to become an attorney.

Deborah Sandlin, Sandlin Family Law Group

Sandlin And LegalMatch

Sandlin Family Law Group, together with LegalMatch, focuses on helping individuals get relief from their issues with family or loved ones. For many years now, LegalMatch has been helping clients find the right lawyer for their case by innovating technologies that would help bridge the lawyer-client gap. 

Every individual or family deserves to have a voice, and the Sandlin Family Law Group is dedicated to that view. To achieve this, LegalMatch creates a solution to make clients come to them.

Going through a divorce or other family disputes can be difficult which is why you need the assistance of an empathic and brilliant lawyer. If you are residing within North Carolina and is in need of legal assistance for any family law issue, contact Sandlin Family Law Group today.

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